Numerology Can Make a Difference

West Coast Dowser Robert Gandrup

    West Coast Dowser Robert Gandrup

  Did you know that Numerology is more than just numbers and their meanings?  Numbers hold frequencies to the science of    life.  Numerology is based upon reincarnation and spiritual growth.  It can show you your potential, path in life and the challenges you’ll meet on the path.  Numerology gives you insight into how you can have a fulfilling life.

Robert Gandrup, master dowser and numerologist, spoke at the September Golden Gate Dowsers Chapter meeting in Corte Madera.  He showed how to calculate life path numbers from our birthdate and life expression numbers from our birth names.  He included many perspectives and real life examples of their obvious and hidden meanings.  Robert’s intuitive approach to numerology has added his own creativity into revealing the meanings of “master numbers”.  The meeting lasted longer than normal, as people were so interested in the topic and his new book was sold out!

For more information on Robert Gandrup, and his new book “Master Numerology”,  check out:
You can find his book on Amazon.


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