Daffodil Labyrinth Days in Santa Rosa

Inaugeration of the new labyrinth

Inaugeration of the new labyrinth

Alex Champion, master builder of labyrinths, held his annual Daffodil Labyrinth Days at his home in Santa Rosa, March 8.

Alex started this event years ago at his home in Mendocino County as a way to celebrate spirit, Spring, the sacredness of the Labyrinth and the blooming of the daffodils.

Now,  having moved to Santa Rosa, Alex continues this tradition.  Dowsers, Labyrinth builders and friends of Metaphysics came to be with kindred spirits and their friends, and walk the Labyrinth.

Here’s a diagram of his plan for the “4 directions labyrinth/small earthwork” before he started:

alex planlb
From Alex:

“This is a small labyrinth with just an eighty foot pathway.  And it’s a circular labyrinth, so there is no center.  One enters to the green dot and goes either CW or CCW (straight ahead) and then walk around the central mound I call the dyad, as many times as one wants.”

The mounds were seeded with California wildflowers for the wine region, and most mounds are covered with seedlings.

He lined the mounds with some river rock generously donated by Charity Grace Kirk.

4 directions labyrinth in progress

Here’s how the labyrinth looked in February this year:

(before the river rock was installed)

The final result!

daffypic3 daffypic6

This labyrinth  has a special connecting energy with the Oak Tree in the background.

Alex will be teaching the art of Labyrinth making in a hands-on ‘Funshop’ Thursday, July 3, 2014 at The West Coast Dowsing Conference to be held this July 3 to July 7 in Santa Cruz.

For more info: http://www.earthsymbols.com



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