Ozark Research Institute: 22 Years Young and Growing

Ozark Research Institute

Ozark Research Institute


Many dowsers have trained or taught at Ozark Research Institute, and many ulumni from the ORI go on to join local Dowser groups or chapters (if they are not already connected).

Harold and Gladys McCoy, both Master Dowsers (Harold McCoy has since passed on and become a Sky Dowser) created The Ozark Research Institute in 1992.

Here´s more information on the Ozark Research Institute.

You can experience the power of healing energy at the ORI’s Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention, April 18- 21, 2014.

The Ozark Research Institute (ORI) located in Fayetteville, Arkansas was founded by Harold and Gladys McCoy in 1992 to bring dowsing into the areas of healing, spirituality, power of mind and the oneness with all that is. ORI’s focus is to assist others in moving forward on their healing path physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each person who contacts them can be empowered, with the knowingness that they have the ability to heal themselves and others. Everyone can make a positive difference for the world with unconditional love, a love so pure that it asks nothing of you, yet is there for you to use for yourself and others.

There is a healing meditation held every Tuesday evening with about 30 – 40 in attendance. Healing energy is sent out with dedication to helping others and Miracles Do Happen!

ORI members receive the energy of continued good health, healing and financial blessing for themselves and their families each week.

Each April, ORI holds the Dowsing and Healing Convention and each September, the Power of Thought School.  Both schools feature skilled teachers who share techniques that they have been successful in using to help themselves and others.

Miracles Happen!

• We worked with a woman who had been in a severe car accident, trapped in the car for 5 hours. She had several broken ribs, a broken shoulder and collar bone.  Physical, mental and emotional healing was requested.  One week later she was walking with a walker and her shoulder was healed! Remarkable recovery; the hospital staff are amazed.

• We received a healing request for a baby in utero with an intestine developing outside the body.   When the baby was born the intestine wasn’t as bad as expected, the doctor just had to perform a little tuck to fix it.

• A gentleman had lost his job and had been unemployed for 2 years. His friend called for us to include him in our healing loving prayers.   Two weeks later he had a new job and a new home.

Miracles happen when you work with your power of energy, thought and love. Spirit does the rest.

Ozark Research Institute’s mission is “to serve humanity through healing, spiritual awakening, holistic research and education.”

For More information:

Call 479-582-9197

Email: ori@ozarkresearch.org

Website: www.ozarkresearch.org


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