Dowsing Experiments!

You never know where you’ll find friendly dowsers until you strike up a conversation.  I was talking with a friend and happened to mention dowsing about something.  He told me he dowsed too!  We got into a discussion and he said he had been dowsing since he was 10 years old.  His father had gotten a book and a pendulum to look for treasure in old houses.  (This was in Peru, so he could very likely have been able to find treasures!).    His dad didn’t find treasure after all, but he found the book and the pendulum, and has been dowsing ever since.  The book was called “The Riches of the Earth, Undiscovered”.

He told me he had created a device, based on an exercise in the book that could demonstrate that the hand is not moving the pendulum at all.  He soldered a wire to a battery, fixed the battery on a table so it couldn’t move, then attached the pendulum to the wire.   He could touch the battery, and ask yes/no questions and the pendulum would respond.

I was kind of excited about this, so I convinced him to allow me to videotape him with this device!   Here is a short video showing the device (simple to make) and a demonstration of the responses.   Please note that the pendulum responds very slightly and it takes a little time.   This filmed this in San Bartolo, Peru in April, 2014.

Enjoy!!!  Spanish with English Captions.   If you want to watch in Spanish without the captions,  go to:



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