Children’s Mystery School: “Passing the Pendulum” for 16 Years

Children and young people are the future stewards of our Planet. They have an innate curiosity, intuitive openness, and learn dowsing with ease.  Learning to dowse expands their awareness and skill sets and, once learned, will continue with them throughout their life.

The West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, CA runs July 3-7;  the Mystery school is offered July 3-5 (Thursday-Saturday).  For More information:

Teaching Kids to Dowse

Teaching Kids to Dowse

For the past 16 years, the West Coast Dowsing Conference has been “passing the pendulum,” through a unique Youth Program for young people ages 6-18.  Experienced veteran dowsers, the same instructors teaching in the Conference, pass their wisdom and skill to the next generation of dowsers, just as has been done for centuries. This experience at the Conference provides a supportive place to learn, to experience and express their intuitive abilities.

labyrinth bldg

Children and parents together find that communication between them improves and that both gain from the closer relationship that develops from the experience.

Just as stories passed from generation to generation teach skills and values, so dowsing, passed from one generation to the next, also teaches skills and values.

Dowsing also has something very basic and vital inherent in it; learning to dowse reveals our connection to consciousness and, with that connection, a responsibility to value and respect self, others and the earth.
Mentoring and teaching young people to dowse strengthens the thread of our oneness.
learning to dowse

Dowsing is our connection to energy. Children may not grasp the concept that “everything is energy” but they quickly accept stories about finding things with L-rods, particularly when we take them outside and they learn that they can do it themselves!



This year “The Children’s Mystery School” includes

• Beginning Dowsing and Hands On Dowsing

• Messages from Whales and Animal Communication  Willie The Whale

• “Kids CAN Dowse”  A Special Presentation by Katie and JohnWayne Blassingame, father and daughter

• Sacred Geometry  Richard Feather Anderson

• Spoon bending and other mind bending feats  Elizabeth Weedn

• In The Forest with Faeries and Devas      Catriona MacGregor

• The Energy of The Gongs   Faye Henry

• Labyrinths   Clare Hedin and Ophelia

• “Something Special Within”  Karen Ashley Tippett

• Butterfly Dance    Irena

The program is free to all young people up to age 18, when accompanied by a family member attending the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

As one youth program participant said:  “I have used dowsing to find stuff, pass exams and choose my college path, check my energy…”

For more information about the West Coast Dowsers Conference Youth Program click here

For registration information click here. 


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