Grocery Dowsing


Your dowsing system is a useful tool when you go to buy groceries. You can dowse produce, canned goods, bottled goods, meats, food at the deli, food supplements, bakery items, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.  You don’t even have to use your pendulum.  Deviseless dowsing is a simple way to always have your dowsing ready and available. Here are some practical ways of deviseless dowsing:

  • Stand in front of what you want to dowse, and focus your attention on it.  Allow yourself to focus on the sway of your whole body front to back then back to front.  A sway toward the front is a “yes” and a sway toward the back is a “no”.
  • Take your index finger and rub together with your thumb.  A “yes” is when the two stick together and a “no” is when they slide smoothly.
  • Visualize or imagine a pendulum in your mind. See the pendulum swing in your “yes” direction then your “no” direction.  Have the pendulum go to your ready position.  You are ready to ask the questions.

If you are not familiar with these methods, practice at home.  There are many ways to use dowsing without a devise which will also amp up your inner knowing and intuition.

Some possible questions to ask while dowsing your groceries:

  • Will this (name the item) raise my vital force energy?
  • Is there anything in this (name item) that will lower my vital force energy?
  • Is there anything harmful to me in this (name Item)?
  • Is this (name item) healthy for me?
  • Is this (name item) organic? Some products are labeled organic and may not be.
  • Is this fruit ripe?  Show me the ripe fruit.  Use a scale 1-10 to show ripeness.
  • Is there GMO in this product?

You may add to this list.  Dowsing will lead you to getting all sorts of information about the quality of products you are purchasing.

Several years ago we were in our local popular health food store.  We tend to shop in local independent stores as their commitment to integrity of products is higher.  We were overwhelmed by the number of choices for olive oil.  We dowsed many of these marvelous extra virgin olive oils.  What surprised us was that many of the imported olive oils and some California oils did not dowse as being healthy for us.  We came up with a few locally produced oils, more expensive yet healthy and pure.  When we read the label of one “California” oil that was in abundant supply and at a good price, we discovered that it was not actually a California-made olive oil.  It was labeled California oil, yet the oil was imported and was only bottled in Napa, CA.  In California, olive oil is regulated to adhere to strict guidelines of being made from  100% California grown olives.  Oils are not regulated nationally which includes imports.  Since our dowse, we have been using mainly California oils. Occasionally imported oil dowses 100% pure.  This experience is interesting since we began doing this over 5 years ago.  Reports are now surfacing that many imported oils are not pure olive oil.  They are cut with cheap grain oils and artificially colored to look like 100% olive oil.  It was quite a validation of our dowsing.

We also dowse the toxicity of the containers that products are packaged in.  Most products are packaged in plastic.  Many plastics contain BPA, a known toxic chemical.  The FDA approves it, yet the industry is beginning to respond to the pressure of getting BPA out of plastic, yet are the BPA substitute chemicals safe?

More info: (

We dowse whether toxic chemicals have leached into to the products from the packaging, which renders them unsafe.  Some foods, because of the acid content, leach more than others.  Often products remain in a heated truck too long, which deteriorates the product. Cans of food are also often coated inside with plastic.

It is all about taking your dowsing shopping so you can select safe products to use.  Should you trust the label (organic, nontoxic, GMO free, all natural ingredients…)?  Dowse to see if true.   Create your own grocery dowsing system. You can also add your own questions and your own food knowledge to your dowsing system.

Here’s to better eating through dowsing.


By:  Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett

© Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett


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