Dowsing Comes to the Public Schools


photo 1 - JWB taching at oak tree

Wonder what to do with your kids or grandkids this summer?  Come to the West Coast Dowsing Conference, and bring your children and grandchildren.  The conference has a special dowsing experience for children designed for ages 6 through 12, free of charge to children of attendees.  Special instruction is available for teens. The Youth Program has fun activities including learning to dowse, animal communication, talking to whales, færies and devas, meditation, spoon-bending and other ‘magical feats’, sacred geometry, labyrinths & more!  Come and let your child explore the wonders of dowsing!

In early July of 2015 Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett we were able to teach three sessions of basic dowsing to junior high students at Sunrise Middle school, a charter school in San Jose. More than fifty students participated. We were thrilled to do this project, and had so much fun doing it!

This was part of a special summer school program on “mindfulness”. The school received a special grant to teach classes and experiences on Sacred Geometry, dream work, meditation, intuitive skills, yoga, sacred circles, outdoor nature experiences, healing with sound, earth energy, shamanism and dowsing. The dowsing classes were very popular and well received.

We had each student make their own pendulums from fishing sinkers and string that we provided, then gave each of them simple L-rods made from coat hangers.

“Can I, may I, should I” and “how to ask the right question” were taught early on so that they knew how to connect to the “system,” and had permission to dowse for what they wanted to know. The students learned to use both types of tools to get “yes-no” answers to questions.

They learned to measure things on a 1-10 scale, as well as to take the first answer that they got. They also learned to “blind dowse,” by writing their questions on cards, turning the cards upside down and shuffling them, then dowsing whether the answer to the question on the card was “yes” or “no.”



Karen taught them to use their pendulums to communicate with their pets, which fascinated them. She also taught them to use their L-rods to measure each others’ energy fields, and the effect that positive and negative thoughts have, expanding and contracting their energy fields. The students were told to think “I can’t do it! I don’t want to do it!” and their energy fields were measured to show how much negative thoughts contracted their energy. They were then told to think “I can do it! I want to do it!” and their energy fields were measured again to show the tremendous difference that positivity makes on a person’s energy level. One student had a field of positive energy nearly thirty feet around!

photo 3 - Youth JWB learning L-rods

Dick showed the students to use their L-Rods. He hid objects around the room and then taught the students to find them using their L-rods.

The third day the session was held outdoors. The students learned to use their L-rods to find buried pipes and conduits (there were no veins of water on campus). There were trees on campus and the students learned to find the front door of the tree as well as to measure the size of the tree’s energy field. We also taught them about “tree hugging,” which some of them promptly did.

photo 4 - Gio Dick Bugs

We again hid several things around the one-acre campus and again set the students to find them. Each was instructed to “do their own dowsing” and not to be influenced by someone else’s dowsing, because “everyone is different.” By this time they were getting pretty good at finding things: eight different items were found in nearly as many minutes, by eight different students.

All of their parents were invited to the closing ceremony for the summer session, which gave the students an opportunity to share what they had learned. The students hid things around the campus, then taught their parents to use their L-rods to find the hidden items.

How cool is that?

By: Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett ©


You too can bring and teach dowsing to your local schools, recreation centers, or kids clubs. Teaching dowsing to children gives them a skill that will be theirs for life. Some of the dowsers throughout the world learned from a relative or friend as a child and then reconnected as adults. Dowsing is a skill that leads to many practices and knowledge related to ‘mindfulness’. Dick and Karen were unsure as they set out to teach to these inquisitive youngsters. It took all of about 2 minutes to be comfortable and know that teaching to youngsters is way fun and they are eager to learn. See how you can teach and make a difference.

photo 5 - Group Kids 2.jpeg

You can also bring a child or two to the West Coast Dowsing Conference to the ‘Children’s Mystery School’ designed just for them (free of charge to them), July 1 to July 3 at University California Santa Cruz College 8.


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