All is Energy



An amazing discovery occurred at the beginning of February 2016, Einstein’s theory of relativity E= MC2 is no longer considered to be theory, but has now been proven to be true. This occurred when a cosmic event provided the information or the happening that confirmed the validity of the equation. Simply put; everything is energy, what appears to be form to the naked eye is not an object or form but an energy field, it is not ‘matter’ separate and apart from energy. It is the energy field that produces the material form.


That being said, how does this affect us, how does this truth make our lives different or easier to comprehend? Let us look at what we call form, matter or material substance, a hard copy in other words, a visible appearance of something. Matter appears to be fixed, stuck, immutable and difficult to change. Energy on the other hand is constantly in motion, is always active and energy never stops, nor is it destroyed; it merely transforms. So when we are looking at something, an object or a body, and would like the appearance of the body or the object to change and show up differently in appearance, changing it seems to be such a massive job involving a great deal of work, time, or effort. The appearance of form, matter or the body is imprinted in our subconscious mind as something that is solid and hard, so we think the problem that we are looking at will not change easily if at all.


Knowing that the appearance is a bundle of energy rather than a fixed object makes it easier to see that it can be changed with ease. This is important when you are looking at an illness, a deformity, or a state of failure or loss. Recognizing that the state is energy in motion and is not fixed or stuck, we can instantly seek to take charge, to direct the motion and change the course, instead of resigning ourselves to the fixed state. The truth of the equation that everything is energy makes life easier to comprehend, as it is easier to align with the energy in motion instead of being stuck with a hard immovable object.


When we see things as fixed we tend to make judgments of good/bad/right/wrong and then proceed to act out according to the judgment. When we see things as energy moving we tend to be curious as to how it is going to unfold, we are in the mode of wonderment instead of determining or controlling. A moveable object is so much easier to work with than an immovable object. The state of withholding judgment or opinion automatically puts us in the frequency of non-resistance, which in turn brings us to acceptance, an energy frequency that vibrates at 70-79 on the scale of 0 – 100.


Being in acceptance with the energy that is moving and active is of such a great benefit as we no longer are at war or in judgment with what is going on in life, we become an observer a witness rather than a controller. We become at one with the experience rather than at odds with it and this way we can be taught or guided toward our purpose through the experience. The experience is the road on the journey to finding purpose, and purpose is found in the energy we are conscious of, align with, use or choose as we move through the experience.


The immovable object tends to bring us into the linear mind and cuts us off from the whole picture. The linear mind sees things in bits and pieces separate and apart from each other. Seeing things as energy in motion tends to bring us instantly to the conscious awareness of the whole composition that is before us, rather than the single linear pieces of information.   Seeing the whole picture broadens us to vision rather than simply seeing what is going on.


An example might be when we experience the loss of someone we love. When we see the person as an appearance or body only, when they die, we see the absence of the body as the actual loss of the loved one; we see them as gone, as not being with us any more, as being out of our lives completely and forever. When we see each other as energy fields, we know that energy cannot be lost or destroyed; it can only be changed or transformed. Consciousness and energy are interchangeable, so all we have to do is to be conscious of the person in question and we are instantly in the essence or energy of the person through our consciousness. We can commune with them through consciousness; the hard copy is not necessary for this close communication experience. We can have a conversation, we can experience signs of contact and we can feel the love that we never lost when they left the material vehicle or body. Consciousness is all that is necessary to experience the relationship in the present moment.


With the knowledge “all is energy,” especially matter or material objects, this information will have incredible implications in the future. Energy medicine as an example will become the primary medicine available and free energy will be used for powering our vehicles and appliances. Chemistry will take a back seat to energy; we will be looking at the energy in medicine and foods, not the chemical components. The material will become secondary to the energy behind the material form. Let us look at GMO foods as another example. The corn is modified with insecticide to kill off insects that can infect the corn. So now included in the nourishing energy that is within the corn is also the energy of killing. Instead of eating foods that are supposed to sustain life, we are now eating foods that are infused with the energy of killing a different expression of life. Materially it appears to make sense, we are modifying the corn to stop or kill the insect that hurts the corn, but energetically does it make sense? We are changing the corn and modifying it to kill an insect or a micro life-force. We also know that the intestines where the corn will eventually end up, is full of healthy microorganisms, what is going to happen to those organisms? These are questions that only get asked when we know that energy is the primary component of life, of everything, and not the material. There is no denying it anymore. Everything is energy in motion.


Copyright: Angela Burr-Madsen


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