Earth Energies Are Our Energetic Mirrors

Spaces where we live can mirror our energies

One of the many things dowsers do is balance and/or clear energy in people’s homes and workplaces.   Joey Korn has been helping people for many years by helping them understand what is going on energetically, behind the scenes in life.  Here’s an article from Joey Korn, who will be presenting an Advanced Dowsing Class at the conference this year.

Earth Energies Are Our Energetic Mirrors

Many dowsers and others who do space clearing believe that some Earth energies can cause geopathic stress in our homes. They believe that this can cause illness and other problems in our lives. Is this so, or is it the other way around?
In my extensive work with these energies over many years, I’ve come to understand that the Earth energies in our homes are here to support us, not harm us.

Yes, they can dowse as detrimental to us, but we make them detrimental with our negative thoughts and emotions. More accurately, we make them detrimental with our negative attitudes and reactions to our stresses and strains of life.
The Earth energies in our homes and other living environments are our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us. Imbalances in our lives manifest as imbalances in our Human Energy Patterns. These imbalances reflect and extend out as detrimental Earth energies in our homes. The more intense the imbalances within us, the more abundant and the more intense the detrimental Earth energies will be in our homes. If we change the energies within ourselves, by whatever means, it simultaneously changes the energies within our homes.

L Rods for dowsing

L Rods for dowsing

I use L-rods to find the various energies in a home that might be detrimental or out of balance for the people living there. Then I use the Blessing Process to balance the energies within the people living in that home and to remove what I call “inappropriate connections to others from outside the home.” When I do that, with few exceptions, all of the natural Earth energies in the home come into balance. This can be demonstrated repeatedly, and you can learn to do this yourself.

I know this is a different way to look at these energies, but doesn’t this make more sense than the idea that energies from Nature might be in our homes and cause us to be sick? If the Earth energies in our homes are directly related to us, it also makes sense that changing those energies will help us change. And an easy way to do this is with regular use of my Simple Blessing Process.
Learn more about Joey’s work and his book, as well as Joey’s Simple Blessing Process, at This article is adapted from the revised edition of his book, “Dowsing: a Path to Enlightenment”, which has five new chapters, updating his book to his current understandings.

Joey will be sharing much more in lectures and an all-day advanced dowsing school at our West Coast Dowsing Conference in Santa Cruz, California, July 3-8.