Dowsers collaborate with Hopi Well Project in Arizona

cornfieldsmallHopiwellDowsers find a lot of things, but are most recognized as “the guys who use rods to find water”, or water dowsers.  While dowsers can save you a LOT of money in finding the most advantageous place to drill, in a bigger picture, they can help make a life or death difference for places where water is scarce.

The Water for Humanity (WFH) Fund was established in 1991 within the American Society of Dowsers to provide funding for “water resources development, purification, protection and conservation worldwide in areas of critical need.”

Their goal was to increase water resources (quality, quantity and accessibility), as well as to demonstrate the practical and humanitarian applications of dowsing.

Water For Humanity helps communities world-wide, but closer to home they assisted a community in Arizona:  The Hopi Well Project.   Ed Stillman, Master Dowser who for many years led the Foundation Dowsing Class at the West Coast Dowsers Conference, is the Committee Chairman for the project, and Judith Jubb, a longtime conference presenter is a key player in the project as well.

Here’s an update on the project from project member and dowser Judith Jubb:

2013 was a very active year for the Hopi Well Project. Our fundraising campaign in 2012 brought the funding necessary to complete Phase I at the project site in 2013. The itemized Cost Estimate Report compiled by our WHP Committee Chairman Ed Stillman for a depth of between 450 and 600 feet, was used as a goal. This site had been dowsed by Ed and others on several occasions since 2006. The complete Cost Estimate Report appears on our website at Hopi Well Project.
The early part of the year was taken up with Hopi community leaders and complying with Hopi Government requirements for licensing and permits. Also, Ed, Judith Jubb and Keith Lazaro compiled a PowerPoint Program which was presented to Hotevilla Village Council members and Hopi Tribal Water Resources Management Department as part of the Metempyrion Foundation educational program on ecology, new technologies, and sustainability.

In late 2012 Metempyrion received approval by the Hopi Cultural Preservation Agency.  Ed proceeded to send out Requests for Bid Proposals to Arizona drillers and selected K.P. Drilling & Pump as they met all of the bid requirements, including total cost.
Due to equipment failure on another job and summer weather conditions in Northern Arizona, drilling at the HWP site was postponed until mid September 2013. Ed Stillman was on site and when water was not reached by the expected depth, he made the unilateral decision to cap the well and discontinue drilling at this site.  This was due to reaching the drilling depth limit for the current funds available for drilling.

Beneath the Mancos Shale formation in this area, which the drillers encountered on our well site is a known large aquifer which could easily supply the water the Hopi People in the area so desperately need. In order to reach the water table in that sandstone layer, more funding would be required than what was originally budgeted for this project.
More labor, materials, equipment and an upgrade of the pump, all have to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, alternative technology is expensive as listed in Phase II Cost Estimate Report.

Metempyrion Board of Directors has elected to provide a 1000 gallon storage tank to the Water Clan property owners to share what they can haul in for their neighbors in the interim. Also, the money remaining in the Hopi Well Project Phase I account, will be allocated towards the repairs on the old existing windmill well in the village of Hotevilla.

A heartfelt thank you to ASD-WFH and dowsers everywhere who generously contributed to Hopi Well Project Phase I. All monies specified for drilling have been used for that purpose. In order to continue drilling operations, more funding is needed.

Time is required to raise more funding through grants and gifts for this very important project. Our 2014 fundraising campaign is already in motion to accomplish this objective. Contact: or 928.634.7619. Judith Jubb.

Working with a Master Dowser

Master Dowser Rob Thompson

Master Dowser Rob Thompson

If you´d like to improve your dowsing skills and gain more confidence, try spending some time with a Master Dowser in your area.  That´s how many dowsers learned:  shadowing another dowser, then practice, practice, practice.   Northern California dowser Dick Tippett spent a day with Master Dowser Rob Thompson recently and shared his experiences.

“Last week I had the opportunity to work with Rob Thompson, a water dowser with more than 900 wells to his credit (
We went to find water for a winery in the “hill country” of Sonoma, California.  This is an area that Rob is intimately familiar with; he’s dowsed there for nearly forty years. It was an absolutely beautiful Spring day; sunny, almost no clouds, warm yet windy for a winter’s day, even here. The estate manager and her head of operations/maintenance came with us.
Rob led the way to the top of the site.  From there he quickly surveyed the entire property for likely wellsites, asking his L-rods to cross when pointed at a likely one. He found two.   Off we went to the nearest site, about a hundred yards out and far away from the location of the other wells serving the property. The site was a water dome, and he quickly located the best place to drill into it.
Rob is a natural schmoozer, and soon had his rods in the manager’s hands while he taught her what it felt like to find water. She was reluctant at first, yet thrilled to be doing it. We staked the location and moved to the next likely site, about a third of a mile away.  When we got there, Rob’s rods showed that there were actually three possible well locations nearby. One he determined to be outside the boundaries of the property, so that reading was ignored. The other two were nearer the winery and turned out to be about a hundred twenty yards apart. Both of them also turned out to be water domes. We staked them both as well. One is easily accessible for drilling, the other not so easily reached, but still “doable.”

Rob’s excitement at finding these veins of water was wonderful to be a part of.   He repeatedly said that he could “feel the water” and, at the third site, actually walked to the point where he wanted to site the well and told me to stake it, then used his L-rods to confirm that he had picked the best spot.  The operations manager had a Google satellite map of the property with notes in the margin; the notes indicated that the winery was hoping for a well that would produce 30-45 gallons per minute at a depth of 350-500 feet.   The first site Rob located dowsed that it would produce more than 50 GPM at about 400 feet. The second and third sites that he dowsed had two veins of water, one above the other. He dowsed that each well would produce more than 300 GPM, also at less than 500 feet. Needless to say, his client was pleased.

I learned a tremendous amount about working with L-rods to target wellsites from a distance. I got to refresh my memory of what it feels like to find the edges and the center of a vein of water.   I saw for the first time what a water dome really looks and feels like, and that it really does have an energy different from the surrounding land. And, I was able to dowse within a reasonable amount of the flow rates and drilling depth that Rob himself dowsed.
If you have an experienced water dowser in your area, by all means seek him or her out and see if you can arrange to spend a day or a lot more learning at their side. The experience will strengthen and reaffirm your skills and will do wonders for your confidence.”
Dick Tippett
Member, ASD Golden Gate Chapter

Dowsing Protocol for Rain

Samuel Taylor ParkThis protocol for Rain was posted in our February Newsletter, and we were getting so many good reports with its success, we thought it would be a good idea to post in on our blog.

 You can add or modify to this for  your own area and situation.  

 A Protocol for Rain for California:  We are experiencing the worst drought in recorded California history.  We would really appreciate your assistance.  The following is a suggested protocol for your use in assisting us in ending this drought.

 Weather is governed by the weather divas who plan things and oversee their development, and the weather spirits who actually do the work of moving things around; setting up high and low pressure areas, routing streams of warm and cold air, wet and dry air, the jet streams, fogs and all the other components that go to make up the weather that we experience.

 The divas and spirits are energy, just as we are.  They have consciousness and minds.  Like us, they sometimes make mistakes or forget things.  When things get forgotten or mistakes are made, other beings suffer.  Sometimes the weather energies are so focused on their world and goals that they don’t notice that a problem has developed.

 In this case, it appears that they set a high pressure ridge off of the coast of California and then forgot about it.  The result was that California remained without normal rainfall for several months while other parts of the country were inundated with rain, snow and below-normal temperatures.

Plants, animals and people suffered because of the forgetfulness of the weather-beings.  Some suffered and died because of dryness; some suffered and died from the cold.

 No being truly means to deliberately harm other beings; once a problem is pointed out, normal beings hasten to correct that which is causing harm.

We simply opened a channel (by praying) to the weather-beings and told them that they seem to have forgotten to move the high pressure ridge and that many life forms were suffering because of it.   We asked them to move the ridge to a location where it would benefit all life insisted of causing problems and suffering.

It did not take long (about two days) for weather spirits to move the ridge slightly and for light rain to pass through the area.

 We expressed great thanks for the fresh moisture and asked if they could please move it further so that true storms, what we in Central California call the “pineapple express,” because the storms originate near Hawaii, could develop so as to bring us rain and also that the cold and snow elsewhere would be abated, ending the suffering in the Midwest and East.  The ridge is moving again and we have a forecast of a week of wet weather.

 Please, do this request yourselves, and assist in bringing the much-needed winter storms back to California.

 Be sure to thank the weather divas and the weather spirits for their work on our behalf.  Our gratitude is their incentive to assist us when we request it.

 Remember:  You can add or modify to this for  your own area.    We welcome your own input, additions and conversation to this protocol.


The Power of Intention and Thought in Dowsing

Local DowserChapter Meetings are a great place to learn how to dowse and to learn a lot of different ways you can use dowsing for.   Recently at the January Golden Gate Dowsers Meeting in California,  geomancer Richard Feather Anderson presented a talk about Dowsing for the health of trees and how he has fine-tuned his applications of French Coils.   He brought up the point of how important intention and focus are for any dowsing applications.  Here’s a short dowsing story video  to illustrate:  (click on the picture to view)

Geomancy presentation

Geomancy presentation

More from Richard on Geomantic Site Planning Work:

“When I’m looking for the best spot for a new home, dowsing enables me to become aware of subtle Earth Energies or underground water that would not create the healthiest conditions. So often my clients have picked a spot based on the views or sense of privacy, but missed the turbulent energies that they will probably not like after they’ve moved in. I don’t know any other way to detect them in advance, except by dowsing.

In my feng shui practice, dowsing gives me a way to quickly discover the deeper hidden source of the disharmony or dysfunction in an environment. When visiting a client’s home or office, I don’t have the luxury of spending enough time with them to get to know them intimately, to understand what makes them tick, or what childhood trauma is still playing out and getting in the way of creating the kind of life they really want. The questionnaire they fill out only gives me the concerns and problems that they are aware of. I find that the aspect of the environment that really needs shifting is often not on their list. But with map dowsing I can just ask for the areas that are most critical to investigate, go there, and allow the mystery to be revealed.

And even after I’ve used my feng shui, architectural, and environmental psychology knowledge to figure out what the design or psychological issues are, and the general approach for how to improve the environment, I still need to uncover what specific type of design change or energetic transformation will be the most effective in this situation, for these people, with their particular aesthetics. So I just dowse my list of possible remedies, asking for the most appropriate ones for these clients. When their faces light up into a big smile, I know that dowsing has once again helped me get quickly to the best solution. And I know they are more likely to follow through and make the changes when they get excited and say they can imagine hanging that kind of picture, or adding that plant, or moving everything around in the room like I sketched.

But the dowsing I’m most excited about right now involves my work with trees that are struggling or in decline, because of climate change or new diseases. I’m experimenting with the “French Coil” technique, in which you place spirals of copper wire around a tree, supported on wooden stakes so the wire doesn’t touch the trunk. One end goes into the soil as a “grounding rod” and the other end is turned upward to form an “antenna” that draws in cosmic chi to give the tree an energetic booster shot.

To apply these copper coils I need to find where the tree naturally draws in etheric energy. Every tree draws water and nutrients up through its roots, and sunlight and carbon dioxide in through its leaves, but it also has a “front door” through which it draws in cosmic chi, and a “back door” where it discharges waste. If the back door is larger than the front door, more energy is going out than coming in, so the tree is getting depleted of life force. The grounding rod and antenna need to be placed at the front door. Dowsing is essential for figuring all that out.

I’ve been supplementing my dowsing processes with techniques for communicating with tree spirits. I ask each tree if it would benefit from a French Coil, and then dowse for all the dimensions for the grounding rod, the coils, and the antenna. In the last year, working in one orchard, some very interesting developments have occurred, totally because of my letting the dowsing and the tree spirits lead the way. The trees started asking for an alternate kind of French Coil that I also learned about decades ago. They requested small helix coils to be placed to the left and right of the front door. After dowsing the dimensions for several of these, I realized they were asking for antenna lengths that embodied musical harmonic ratios, like the octave, perfect Fifth, and Musical Fourth. Each tree asked for a specific harmonic for its coils. Are the tree spirits asking for sound healing treatments? Am I being guided to create resonant harmonic fields around the trees, to shift their energy so that insect pests don’t like the taste? I’m curious what will happen this spring as I watch for the results of last year’s treatments, and let my dowsing lead the way into more new discoveries.

I will be sharing more stories from this unfolding journey at the West Coast Conference this summer, and passing on these and other techniques during the Specialized Dowsing School. My goal is to greatly expand the number of dowsers excited about helping trees and plants thrive, and co-creating sustainable Edens in their own homes and gardens. I hope you’ll join this cadre of earth healers.”

Richard Feather Anderson will present a day-long Advanced Dowsing Course at the 2014 West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, CA on Thursday, July 3rd.  For more information, go the the website.

You can also find out more about Richard at,  or