Focal Tools for Your Dowsing



By Robert Gandrup


Everyone uses tools. A mechanic works on your car with them. Farmers use them to tend crops. A carpenter used them to build the home you live in. Tools are used in virtually every part of our lives.


Most of the time you don’t even think about the tools you use, you just do the job. To make mashed potatoes, you scrub them with a brush, peel them, cut them into pieces, put them in a pot of water and boil them, checking occasionally to tell when they‘re cooked. When they are done you drain the water off, mash them and serve them. Not including the pot and serving dish, the tools you just used were a brush, a peeler, a knife, a fork (to check them), a masher and a serving spoon. Without exaggerating, you use hundreds, if not thousands of tools each day. Everything you do uses tools of one type or another.


Tools can be non-physical, too. When you close your eyes and focus on a point to meditate, that’s a tool. Perhaps you count down from 10 to 1 to get into the proper state. That’s a tool, also. Although not used to accomplish a physical task, they are tools nonetheless. For lack of a better name, we’ll call this type of tool a focal tool. A focal tool can also be a physical item even if it isn’t used to make physical contact with something. Whether they have physical form or not, focal tools are very useful to keep your attention focused on a given task. There are no “right” or “wrong” focal tools. They either get the job done or they don’t.


When you focus on your dowsing device, your attention is mostly on it and the things around you take less of your attention. This helps you visualize a result. Your device is then a focal tool for you, even while you use it for the act of dowsing a response.


Some people like to have a sample of what they are looking for when they dowse. This is called a “witness” and it is merely another type of focal tool. It can help the dowsing process by keeping your attention on a specific item or type of thing. Just like any other focal tool, this can be anything that keeps you focused on the job at hand.


When you need to get a result use anything you want. Be creative. The more you identify with the focal tool the more effective it is. Really, what you are doing is selling your subconscious on the idea that something is to get done.


Whether you use a witness or not doesn’t matter at all. Whether focusing on the dowsing device helps you concentrate or not also makes no difference. What others do doesn’t matter so don’t let that influence how you dowse. What works for one person may not work for another. All that matters with dowsing is to get the most accurate responses possible and what that takes is entirely up to you. If something works for you, do it. As you perfect your dowsing, you will go through different stages and try various things to get your answers. Experiment with which tools you like and how you use them. Get creative with those focal tools and mostly, have fun with your dowsing.



You too can learn from Robert at the July 2016 West Coast Dowsing Conference. With generations of dowsers in his family, it was natural for Robert Gandrup to join the American Society of Dowsers as a life member in 1985. Over the years, Robert has worked with clients to create positive change with powerful focused intention. Dowsing is a valuable addition to his practice. When he decided to start teaching dowsing classes, he wrote a short instructional book called ‘Dowsing as a Daily Tool’. Robert also drew on his dowsing to help define new ideas in numerology and in 2013 published ‘Master Numerology’, a pioneering book on the subject. He teaches dowsing at ASD functions he attends and is one of the basic dowsing instructors at this year’s West Coast Conference.


Grocery Dowsing


Your dowsing system is a useful tool when you go to buy groceries. You can dowse produce, canned goods, bottled goods, meats, food at the deli, food supplements, bakery items, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies.  You don’t even have to use your pendulum.  Deviseless dowsing is a simple way to always have your dowsing ready and available. Here are some practical ways of deviseless dowsing:

  • Stand in front of what you want to dowse, and focus your attention on it.  Allow yourself to focus on the sway of your whole body front to back then back to front.  A sway toward the front is a “yes” and a sway toward the back is a “no”.
  • Take your index finger and rub together with your thumb.  A “yes” is when the two stick together and a “no” is when they slide smoothly.
  • Visualize or imagine a pendulum in your mind. See the pendulum swing in your “yes” direction then your “no” direction.  Have the pendulum go to your ready position.  You are ready to ask the questions.

If you are not familiar with these methods, practice at home.  There are many ways to use dowsing without a devise which will also amp up your inner knowing and intuition.

Some possible questions to ask while dowsing your groceries:

  • Will this (name the item) raise my vital force energy?
  • Is there anything in this (name item) that will lower my vital force energy?
  • Is there anything harmful to me in this (name Item)?
  • Is this (name item) healthy for me?
  • Is this (name item) organic? Some products are labeled organic and may not be.
  • Is this fruit ripe?  Show me the ripe fruit.  Use a scale 1-10 to show ripeness.
  • Is there GMO in this product?

You may add to this list.  Dowsing will lead you to getting all sorts of information about the quality of products you are purchasing.

Several years ago we were in our local popular health food store.  We tend to shop in local independent stores as their commitment to integrity of products is higher.  We were overwhelmed by the number of choices for olive oil.  We dowsed many of these marvelous extra virgin olive oils.  What surprised us was that many of the imported olive oils and some California oils did not dowse as being healthy for us.  We came up with a few locally produced oils, more expensive yet healthy and pure.  When we read the label of one “California” oil that was in abundant supply and at a good price, we discovered that it was not actually a California-made olive oil.  It was labeled California oil, yet the oil was imported and was only bottled in Napa, CA.  In California, olive oil is regulated to adhere to strict guidelines of being made from  100% California grown olives.  Oils are not regulated nationally which includes imports.  Since our dowse, we have been using mainly California oils. Occasionally imported oil dowses 100% pure.  This experience is interesting since we began doing this over 5 years ago.  Reports are now surfacing that many imported oils are not pure olive oil.  They are cut with cheap grain oils and artificially colored to look like 100% olive oil.  It was quite a validation of our dowsing.

We also dowse the toxicity of the containers that products are packaged in.  Most products are packaged in plastic.  Many plastics contain BPA, a known toxic chemical.  The FDA approves it, yet the industry is beginning to respond to the pressure of getting BPA out of plastic, yet are the BPA substitute chemicals safe?

More info: (

We dowse whether toxic chemicals have leached into to the products from the packaging, which renders them unsafe.  Some foods, because of the acid content, leach more than others.  Often products remain in a heated truck too long, which deteriorates the product. Cans of food are also often coated inside with plastic.

It is all about taking your dowsing shopping so you can select safe products to use.  Should you trust the label (organic, nontoxic, GMO free, all natural ingredients…)?  Dowse to see if true.   Create your own grocery dowsing system. You can also add your own questions and your own food knowledge to your dowsing system.

Here’s to better eating through dowsing.


By:  Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett

© Karen Ashley Tippett and Dick Tippett

Going Deeper into the Labyrinth

Master Labyrinth maker Alex Champion takes us on a journey as he describes the backstory of creating a labyrinth, as well as the experiential effects of working with labyrinths.  In this story, Alex looks at the Chartres design labyrinth created in Danville, California in 2015.  Chartres Design Labyrinth

My theory is that unexpected things happen the first time one walks a new design because one’s energy field is exposed to a unique energy field of the design. 

Labyrinths were my passion from 1987 to the turn of the century and a little beyond.  I was one of the founding members of the Labyrinth Society, so I was fortunate to meet some of the stars in the field.  One of those stars was Marty Kermeen and his wife Debi.  Very fortunate for me, we can became friends.  So when I received an email from Debi saying they were in Danville making a Chartres design at the Hap Magee Ranch Park, I jumped at the opportunity to go down and see them and of course see his work.  Making art with pavers is their business ( Marty researches and makes the product and Debi does all the other essentials of the business that don’t receive much attention.  Marty told me that he wouldn’t be able to do his work without her.

I’ve always thought his work very special.  When one sees his work and walks his design, then one realizes that his work is brilliant.  First there is the physical presence of his design.  It feels like you’re are walking on concrete, something that’g going to last a very long time.  I asked him how long does he think his work will last.  what’s the life expectancy?  He answered until someone tore it up or an earthquake hit.  He builds them to last forever.  That’s very satisfying in a Universe where change is a constant in perpetuity.
His specialty is the labyrinth in the floor of Chartres Cathedral.  His aim is to make an exact replica.  

When I first arrived and starting looking at his design I saw that he added smaller brick = paver to the pathway.  The smaller brick is 2.33 by 4.65 half the size of the standard brick.  He said he wanted to create a cobblestone effect.  I liked what he did.  All the same size brick gives a flow to the path that I feel should not be heavily interfered with.  An odd size brick every now and then helps the sameness that can become boring.

Since diversity is a universal feature of Nature, I would add a third brick in golden mean relationship with the 4.65 square or 2.87″ by 4.65″.  I would have the ratio of the standard brick to odd size brick be 4/1 or perhaps more..  I made that suggestion to him, thinking that he could cut down the standard brick.  For several reasons that was not possible, so he would have to order the odd shape brick made and that would add to the cost.

bricks/pavers for the labyrinth

          Bricks/Pavers for the labyrinth

There is no question that I have a fascination with patterns, and not just labyrinths.  In my Albany California home, 30 years ago I built a passive solar energy room which had a large numbers of windows on the south and west walls.  A two inch layer of concrete was attached to the north wall, and on top of that I design a tile picture that was 6 feet by 6 feet.  The design used southwest red tile, tiles that were 6″ by 6″ and 4” by 8″.  They were the picture and tiles 2″ by 4” and 2″ by 6″ became the background.  I spent the majority of time working on the background.   Continue reading

Dowse to Let Go and Move On

Identify, (Catch), Love and Let Go

Identify, (Catch), Love and Let Go

Now that we have (Phew!) moved through 2014 and are ready to spring forward into 2015, it might be a good time to take another look at just releasing any remnants of what we were “releasing” in 2014!   I for one, am ready to to move forward.  So where do we begin?

Catch, Love and Release

Melinda Iverson-Inn, longtime dowser and speaker at the West Coast Dowsers Conference offers this helpful protocol/tool to get started:

 “Man can misuse his free will and do wrong, but that temporary delusion can never erase the mark of immortality and perfection of God’s image imprinted on his soul.”-Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi)

So you did or said something not-so-nice to someone else. If so, you would not be the first person to exercise free will based on some misunderstanding about the Self (our true being) vs. the little-s self (the conditioned internal story that our ego is convinced is really us).

Our physical/emotional/spiritual reactions to memories of the past tend to be a default setting that we slip back into when these memories push us up against a perceived wall or into a perceived corner with (in our minds) no other possible way out. That default setting is the little ego-self’s way of dealing with memories.

Is there a way to let go? Do you have a plan to release yourself from mental discomfort, guilt, or even torture invoked by memories of your self-judged “bad” deeds or words? Or do you believe, somewhere in your unconscious mind, that you deserve to carry the pain a bit longer?

The choice is always ours, and yet it’s amazing how many of us feel enslaved to emotional, mental, and spiritual memories of our past selves—mostly caused by misunderstandings about who we are, where we have come from, and what we have done. That unconscious lens of misunderstanding is what we use to view/cope with events in the present. Then we’re uncomfortable and we don’t know why.

Sometimes we continue to carry such hindrances because some part of us believes that we deserve to suffer. Sometimes our conscious mind thinks we have resolved the issue, and then we encounter our “victim,” or someone else who shares with us that they have done the same thing to another, and we feel the guilty pain and suffering all over again.

Some believe there may be a karmic imprint that must be resolved.

But whatever the energies at work, you are the only one who can

1) release the suffering, and

2) deal with the condition of continually holding yourself hostage to memories related to unkind thoughts, actions or word exchanges.

Nothing will happen to resolve this situation until you do something about it; the good news is that you already have.

You have, in your infinite and unconscious wisdom (however deeply buried it may be), set yourself up to encounter, in your life, circumstances involving people, places and things that will create the opportunities for releasing and making right your previous memories of wrong.

These circumstances could be anything from your office dynamics to your primary partner, or the children you have or teach. They include the grocery clerk who frowns at you for no apparent reason; the airlines flight attendant who is dismissive or curt; the everyday people you encounter or interact with at the local coffee hangout. These are the people with whom you have a connection because of your particular memories, either from this lifetime or a past one.

Some people with memories that need to be cleared may trigger them by watching certain movies over and over, not realizing that, on a unconscious level, they are trying to release a memory and make right a wrong from the past, or heal a memory about themselves or another.

For example; a person that likes to watch Knights Templar movies over and over may have been a Knight Templar, or have been associated with one, in a past lifetime, and there also may be some associated memory or circumstance surfacing that is asking to be realized (caught), loved and released.

When we evoke such memories, consciously or unconsciously, we may feel as if we are pushed up against a mental wall or into an emotional corner and trapped. We can struggle against them, tell ourselves all kinds of stories, but absolutely nothing will happen to resolve the situation unless we take the right action.

What is the right action?

Here are some of the things we can do when we are overwhelmed, pained, trapped, or otherwise affected by memories of past thoughts and deeds:

  1. Dowse for a pattern. Recognize your creation of the same circumstance over and over, perhaps in variations on the same theme.
  2. Know that it does not matter when, where or with whom a troubling memory took place; it can be healed and released.
  3. If the discomfort stems from a present life situation, make Dowse to amends to the other(s) involved, even if they don’t respond. Their response is not your responsibility.
  4. Break the habit of the knee-jerk response by trying something different. When you watch a type of movie that fascinates you (as in the Knights Templar example above), ask yourself what role you identify with and how you might do it differently today. Perhaps you would put down your sword and walk away. Or Instead of raising your voice, soften it. Or smile/laugh at a frowning/menacing person. Remember, it’s only a movie, and you are here in a new movie of life.
  5. When you meet with someone who triggers an unpleasant past emotional memory, ask: “How may I help you?” Even if you just ask this question silently of yourself, being of service is really the only way out. When you do so, you can transmute a memory of pain into an impulse of kindness.

In the end, what we are suggesting that you do is this: try to identify, (catch) the fact that there is some kind of mind-glitch memory causing your mental difficulty or inappropriate behavior; take the right action (love it) as best you can; and then let it go (release it).

It’s absolutely okay to love and leave the memories that bind you to behaviors and actions that result in your suffering or that of others. We have all behaved as the good, the bad, and the ugly at some point in our multidimensional history. The ability to resolve the results of past behavior is what makes you the aware being you are today.

Remember, as stated by Paramahansa Yogananda,

“…that temporary delusion (those actions) can never erase the mark of immortality and perfection of God’s image imprinted on his (our) soul.”

Thank God and Yippee!!

Melinda Iverson Inn



Dowsing to Enhance the Holidays

Gingerbread Family

Families and Holidays

Submitted by Dick and Karen Tippett

The holidays are an emotional time for all of us. Some, because we feel alone and want to be with others.  Some, because we simply want to be alone, with no demands on us.  Some, because we are with family….

No doubt this is because of the very close relationship that we have with our family, whether they are relatives or our chosen, extended family; perhaps because we know them so well. Certainly, when you spend years of your life with someone, the closeness can drive their idiosynchronies deep under your skin, only to emerge when you receive clothes that are the wrong size (again!) or the turkey isn’t perfectly done, or someone wants succotash instead of string bean casserole, or some of them are late (as usual) or all the men are watching football and have shoo’ed all the kids into the kitchen where the women are doing their best to hold it all together amid the stresses of finishing a perfect feast!

 It is at these times that the desire to be a happy family together meets the frustrated desire to express one’s self openly and freely.

 Dowsing provides an opportunity to transform all of the potential stressors into positive enjoyment of each other, to experience each ones’ idiosyncrasies as simply defining who they are, or just to enhance our own enjoyment of the season no matter what we do, where we are, who we are with or who we aren’t with.

Dowse to Adjust Energies!
Take your favorite dowsing tool.

  Ask: “Can I, may I, should I   dowse to clear all of the non-beneficial energies between all of those who will be present for the holidays and that will interfere with all of us enjoying each others’ company?”  when you get a “yes” answer to all three questions, let your tool work in the direction that clears energy (usually counter-clockwise) and ask that all of the energy that is non-beneficial to everone’s enjoying being together be neutralized and scrambled.

Let your tool work until it indicates that all of the energy has been neutralized/scrambled.  This is usually indicated by your tool moving in the “yes” position.

Now ask the universe to take the neutralized and scrambled energy and to transform it to the highest, best and most appropriate level to facilitate everyone having a happy, fun, stress-free time together.  The tool should work in the direction that strengthens and amplifies energy (usually clockwise)  until all of the energy is transformed into energy that is beneficial to the group’s enjoyment of each other.  Your tool should again be moving in the “yes” position, indicating that the task is complete.

Another way to “dowse” for a pleasureable time is to ask that all of the disharmonies between those who will be there come into harmony with themselves and each other.  Let your tool work in a strengthening or clockwise direction until it signals that it is complete by going to the ‘Yes” position.

Yet another way is to ‘hire the heavens.”   Ask that the most appropriate free-choice, white light, positive side being be provided to you to assist you so that you can enjoy a pleasant, stress-free holiday, or good time of your choosing.  Ask them to do specific tasks.  This is particularly useful when you are overwhelmed, or are looking for special gifts for people.

 It is best to do these dowses at least one day, preferably two days before the get-together.  Another very good thing to do is to perform the same clearing on the energy of the room/house where you will all be getting together.

Quiet Gratitude & Contemplation   There is also great comfort and much joy to be had in simply sitting quietly and talking to those with whom you have been close and who are no longer physically among us.  I miss my brothers at this time of year, and it is good to simply think of them and remember.

 On behalf of the West Coast Conference, we wish you the most wonderful holiday and the happiest of New Years!

Submitted by Dick and Karen Tippett

Sustainability: What’s a Sustainable Lifestyle?





“If you can keep on using the amount of stuff you’re using in daily life forever, without ever running out, then your lifestyle is sustainable.”


How can dowsing help us live more sustainably?   Many of the speakers at the Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz talked about how dowsing is a natural player in  sustainability.

Master Dowser and Geomancer Richard Feather Anderson offered an advanced dowsing class this year.  Here is more from Richard and his insight on sustainability:

“I think most of us in the dowsing community are consciously awake enough to know that we are currently engaged in non-sustainable lifestyles within a non-sustainable culture and economic system. The exciting thing about dowsers is that we’re already searching for ways to live healthier and in balance, and we don’t need to be convinced to change how we live. But we do need help figuring out what actions we can take personally. And that is what we do every other year at the West Coast Conference: we share ideas about the simple significant actions we can each incorporate into our lives to live simpler, better, more fulfilling lives that also make life better for all beings and critters. This year we will expand our usual how-to menus from the personal sphere to the well-being of our planetary home.

“Sustainability” has become a hot topic these days, which is a good thing for the planet and all us earthlings. It’s also become a buzzword in marketing, which sometimes clouds and confuses the real issues. So here’s a few thoughts I can offer in case you’re not sure what it’s all about, or have trouble explaining it to friends and acquaintances.

Sustainability is actually a very simple idea. I think of it as “treating Mother Earth right.” A phrase I coined says it in another way, “Giving back TO Mother Earth sustains a giving back FROM Mother Earth.” You can think of it as living in balance, or the ecological principle of reciprocity.

When we compost our kitchen scraps and grass clippings or fallen leaves, and spread the decomposed mulch around the vegetable garden or fruit trees, we’re feeding the soil so it can support the plants to grow more food for us to eat. We’re reciprocating, giving something back to Nature so it can keep giving to us.

To know if you are living a sustainable lifestyle, all you have to do is ask yourself, “Am I giving back to the Earth an equal measure for what I receive?” If the answer is yes, what you’re doing is sustainable. If you can keep on using the amount of stuff you’re using in daily life forever, without ever running out, then your lifestyle is sustainable.

To contact Richard:

2036 Nevada City Hwy #308    Grass Valley, CA 95945


Children’s Mystery School: “Passing the Pendulum” for 16 Years

Children and young people are the future stewards of our Planet. They have an innate curiosity, intuitive openness, and learn dowsing with ease.  Learning to dowse expands their awareness and skill sets and, once learned, will continue with them throughout their life.

The West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, CA runs July 3-7;  the Mystery school is offered July 3-5 (Thursday-Saturday).  For More information:

Teaching Kids to Dowse

Teaching Kids to Dowse

For the past 16 years, the West Coast Dowsing Conference has been “passing the pendulum,” through a unique Youth Program for young people ages 6-18.  Experienced veteran dowsers, the same instructors teaching in the Conference, pass their wisdom and skill to the next generation of dowsers, just as has been done for centuries. This experience at the Conference provides a supportive place to learn, to experience and express their intuitive abilities.

labyrinth bldg

Children and parents together find that communication between them improves and that both gain from the closer relationship that develops from the experience.

Just as stories passed from generation to generation teach skills and values, so dowsing, passed from one generation to the next, also teaches skills and values.

Dowsing also has something very basic and vital inherent in it; learning to dowse reveals our connection to consciousness and, with that connection, a responsibility to value and respect self, others and the earth.
Mentoring and teaching young people to dowse strengthens the thread of our oneness.
learning to dowse

Dowsing is our connection to energy. Children may not grasp the concept that “everything is energy” but they quickly accept stories about finding things with L-rods, particularly when we take them outside and they learn that they can do it themselves!



This year “The Children’s Mystery School” includes

• Beginning Dowsing and Hands On Dowsing

• Messages from Whales and Animal Communication  Willie The Whale

• “Kids CAN Dowse”  A Special Presentation by Katie and JohnWayne Blassingame, father and daughter

• Sacred Geometry  Richard Feather Anderson

• Spoon bending and other mind bending feats  Elizabeth Weedn

• In The Forest with Faeries and Devas      Catriona MacGregor

• The Energy of The Gongs   Faye Henry

• Labyrinths   Clare Hedin and Ophelia

• “Something Special Within”  Karen Ashley Tippett

• Butterfly Dance    Irena

The program is free to all young people up to age 18, when accompanied by a family member attending the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

As one youth program participant said:  “I have used dowsing to find stuff, pass exams and choose my college path, check my energy…”

For more information about the West Coast Dowsers Conference Youth Program click here

For registration information click here.