What is Therapeutic Dowsing?

Art from Insspirito

by Roxanne Louise,
Presenter at 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference,
June 29-July 2.

While dowsing can be used for literally everything, I use it extensively to locate and clear stuck energies, both for myself on a regular basis, and for my clients. Stuck energies include mental and emotional issues and upsets that have piled up and make dealing with current issues, staying healthy or healing if you are ill, achieving your goals, and living your life with enthusiasm and abundant vitality much more difficult. So freeing up this energy is vital to all areas of your life. It includes not just the unpleasant memories but also the negative beliefs and judgments about those events that continue to color your world and limit you in multiple ways including resolving it effectively.

How does energy get stuck? 
Basically, energy gets stuck when it is unprocessed. Perhaps when an upset occurred, you didn’t know how to deal with it and, therefore, didn’t. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps you didn’t have the skills, or the awareness of what you were registering on an unconscious level. Perhaps your family, culture or religion taught you to deny and not express your thoughts and the resulting emotions. So you may have stuffed your feelings instead of quickly resolving them thereby avoiding future issues.

On the other hand, even if you had the awareness of the importance of resolving issues and even the therapeutic skills, you may have had neither the time or energy to do so. This frequently happens during a crisis, ill health, or overwhelm. By the time the emergency passes, you may be so busy on catching up on other needed tasks, that you lack any interest in going back to dealing with past unpleasantries.

A Wake-Up Call
My experience shows that after a prolonged time of continual build-up of unprocessed negative emotions and the non-beneficial thoughts around unpleasant events, it becomes difficult to keep such memories and feelings from resurfacing and contaminating the present. This may show up as illness, insomnia, nightmares, relationship issues, increasing irritation, explosive bursts of anger, depression, malaise, feeling victimized, etc. In short, it can demonstrate as sensitivities and issues in any area of life.

Dowsing can help!
When I first learned dowsing in 1990, I was given about a dozen half-circle charts and checklists. These included one chart each for positive emotions that could be blocked or needed to be increased, and for negative emotions that needed to be cleared. It included checklists with names of key relationships (mother, father, brother, sister, etc). to identify the percentage of positive and negative energy attached to each.

Since I was already a hypnotherapist, I went home and within the first year made hundreds of more charts and checklists for my clients and myself. This included an extensive listing of typical events (birthdays, holidays, first day of school, etc.), and activities (public speaking, driving a car, balancing a checkbook, etc.). I listed fears, defense mechanisms, addictive thinking, negative beliefs and judgments, attitude, and issues. I included secondary gain, shadow issues, archetypes, traumas, reasons for smoking, and the physical and psychological reasons for overeating, and much more.

This material eventually was published in a pendulum course manual, Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing available through my website, www.RoxanneLouise.com
Once I identified what needed to be addressed, I extracted the positive learning or wisdom that could be extracted,  healed or cleared the upset or limiting belief, and then finished with installing the positive opposite through dowsing. I also had dowsing charts for helpful therapies, modalities and activities.

To process the issue, I formed a very strong, clear intent of what I wanted done, and held it while the pendulum was spinning. Then I checked with the pendulum that it was in fact done, or the degree to which I had been successful.
If the problem was not yet fully resolved, I investigated other aspects of the problem. Such aspects could be other emotions, beliefs, judgments, associations. For example, I might be angry at someone, but also angry and ashamed at myself, and humiliated in front of others. I might have had similar experiences with that same person and with others in the past. I may be projecting more of the same occurring in the future. I may as a result be avoiding seeing anyone involved lest it bring up the emotions with the memory.

This practice of dowsing to locate and clear mental and emotional issues has over time resulted in me experiencing much greater peace of mind. Things don’t upset me as easily. I am triggered less. Dramas have receded into the past. I have overcome major challenges with some grace. And I have helped others do the same. Consequently, I fully recommend that others learn how to do this for themselves. This is so empowering as well as healing. You will be able to quickly deal with things, anytime – day or night, anyplace, on your own. And if you need additional help beyond this, you will also be able to know who and what to seek out or research.

Roxanne Louise will teach a daylong workshop: “Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing: Dowsing for Mental & Emotional Issues” at the West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz, July 3. Register here http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

photoAlan HandelsmanRoxanne Louise is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Dowser, who divides her time between private practice, teaching classes both locally and at national conferences, and writing books. She is known for her ability to integrate multiple modalities for a powerful synergistic effect that enables profound healing not possible with one modality alone, and in a way not previously done by others.

Dowsing is phenomenally fast at locating and then resolving the root and related causes of mental and emotional issues. In this workshop, we will work with a large number of charts and checklists to identify and release stuck energies, extract the positive learning from experiences, and enhance positive energy. This frees up energy that can be applied elsewhere – physical healing, personal goal achievement, and living your life with greater enthusiasm, joy and vitality. We will investigate: each year of your life including the future, key relationships, typical life events, beliefs, judgments, prejudices, addictive thinking, fears and other emotions, repeating negative patterns and habits.
While covering all this may seem a formidable task, Roxanne will show you a shortcut to cut to the chase of the matter. Not only will you learn how to do all of the above for yourself, but to do so telepathically with others who have requested your assistance.

The Wisdom in Loss: Let’s Lose the Baggage!

Old baggage

By Melinda Iverson Inn
Health and Wellness Dowsing Specialist
and presenter at this year’s conference, June 29-July 3

One day my dear husband and I went shopping at one of the local large home-improvement stores. He needed to pick up something or other for the house, and wanting to be a supportive partner, I went along for the ride. We entered the store and began searching the aisles. As he continued the search for his item, I stopped to examine an interesting find and stood in the aisle fascinated by this object. I don’t remember how long I actually stayed there admiring whatever-it-was that was so fascinating, but when I looked up, my husband had moved on to another part of the store. It’s a big store, and I hadn’t seen in which direction he’d gone. All of a sudden a wave of frustration took over and I felt a rush of heat; right there, in the middle of the aisle, I stamped my foot. As soon as I did it, I realized something else was obviously going on. Really, when was the last time you stamped your foot over something? But there I was, a grown woman, acting like an angry two-year-old who felt abandoned in a store.

Lo and behold, I was a two year old, energetically, at that moment in time. Where did this obvious visceral, emotional reaction to such a benign situation come from? At that moment I did not know, but I was definitely going to find out.  This completely uncharacteristic reaction, albeit a bit amusing, prompted in me a desire to do a little investigating. What was the trauma that had been triggered? Could I release it? That day when I got back home, I went to straight to work, who wants to walk around as an angry 2 year old? Dowsing through a series of questions I had learned to ask my clients when helping them release their trauma blocks, I eventually narrowed down the search to a specific time frame, what other person was involved, and what caused the unwanted behavior. With the information discovered and using a reliable technique I was able to release the trauma.  Thank goodness. I suppose being 2 has its advantages, but not for a woman over 50!

The Process of 1
At that point I decided it was important to me to teach others how to do the process of 1. Recognizing a trauma; with some traumas it’s pretty easy to see and feel our reactions to seemingly harmless situations, and yet most of our traumas lie dormant until they are triggered. 2. Investigating; what questions need asking to really get to the root of the disharmony and subsequent reaction. 3 Make it as easy as possible to release whatever was discovered, which can bring us back to ease, inner spaciousness, harmony and ready for the next issue that I can pretty much guarantee will arise.

Dowsing can help!
Although my talk is titled the ‘Wisdom of Loss”, as I lost my home in the recent California wildfires, which taught me about trauma from a whole new perspective, its really about the ability to investigate our traumas and losses, and to see the wisdom in investing the time to lose our stuff, whether it’s a trauma, or an object its all the same. There are lessons to be learned: so that when we ultimately lose everything, including our bodies, it’s not a big deal.  The goal is to keep cleaning up our inner compost pile by releasing our inner attachments to things that don’t serve as useful to us anymore. Believe it or not, at one point in time or another those stinky banana peels, known as a particular idea created by a trauma, actually served us well.

At West Coast Dowers 2018, we’ll look into investigating the exploration of the trauma in loss, no matter how big or how small the experienced loss is, how to know when you are triggered, how to narrow down the search for the trigger, and a dowsing short cut to release the unconscious attachment to the trauma.

I’m excited to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.
Come by my table, say “hello” and join the interactive talk on
Monday, July 2 at 10:45 am.

Melinda will be presenting:  “The Wisdom in Loss” at the West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz on June 29. Register here http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

photoAlan HandelsmanMelinda Iverson Inn, helps conscious seekers like you to get in tune with your own intuitive wisdom to bring forth and create harmony, balance, and clarity, for your health and wellbeing.
Get your free 15-minute Self-Healing Discovery session with Melinda at 
O: 415-508-6847
SKYPE: melindainn
What’sApp: +1 415 385 0347

Dowsing to Enhance the Holidays

Gingerbread Family

Families and Holidays

Submitted by Dick and Karen Tippett

The holidays are an emotional time for all of us. Some, because we feel alone and want to be with others.  Some, because we simply want to be alone, with no demands on us.  Some, because we are with family….

No doubt this is because of the very close relationship that we have with our family, whether they are relatives or our chosen, extended family; perhaps because we know them so well. Certainly, when you spend years of your life with someone, the closeness can drive their idiosynchronies deep under your skin, only to emerge when you receive clothes that are the wrong size (again!) or the turkey isn’t perfectly done, or someone wants succotash instead of string bean casserole, or some of them are late (as usual) or all the men are watching football and have shoo’ed all the kids into the kitchen where the women are doing their best to hold it all together amid the stresses of finishing a perfect feast!

 It is at these times that the desire to be a happy family together meets the frustrated desire to express one’s self openly and freely.

 Dowsing provides an opportunity to transform all of the potential stressors into positive enjoyment of each other, to experience each ones’ idiosyncrasies as simply defining who they are, or just to enhance our own enjoyment of the season no matter what we do, where we are, who we are with or who we aren’t with.

Dowse to Adjust Energies!
Take your favorite dowsing tool.

  Ask: “Can I, may I, should I   dowse to clear all of the non-beneficial energies between all of those who will be present for the holidays and that will interfere with all of us enjoying each others’ company?”  when you get a “yes” answer to all three questions, let your tool work in the direction that clears energy (usually counter-clockwise) and ask that all of the energy that is non-beneficial to everone’s enjoying being together be neutralized and scrambled.

Let your tool work until it indicates that all of the energy has been neutralized/scrambled.  This is usually indicated by your tool moving in the “yes” position.

Now ask the universe to take the neutralized and scrambled energy and to transform it to the highest, best and most appropriate level to facilitate everyone having a happy, fun, stress-free time together.  The tool should work in the direction that strengthens and amplifies energy (usually clockwise)  until all of the energy is transformed into energy that is beneficial to the group’s enjoyment of each other.  Your tool should again be moving in the “yes” position, indicating that the task is complete.

Another way to “dowse” for a pleasureable time is to ask that all of the disharmonies between those who will be there come into harmony with themselves and each other.  Let your tool work in a strengthening or clockwise direction until it signals that it is complete by going to the ‘Yes” position.

Yet another way is to ‘hire the heavens.”   Ask that the most appropriate free-choice, white light, positive side being be provided to you to assist you so that you can enjoy a pleasant, stress-free holiday, or good time of your choosing.  Ask them to do specific tasks.  This is particularly useful when you are overwhelmed, or are looking for special gifts for people.

 It is best to do these dowses at least one day, preferably two days before the get-together.  Another very good thing to do is to perform the same clearing on the energy of the room/house where you will all be getting together.

Quiet Gratitude & Contemplation   There is also great comfort and much joy to be had in simply sitting quietly and talking to those with whom you have been close and who are no longer physically among us.  I miss my brothers at this time of year, and it is good to simply think of them and remember.

 On behalf of the West Coast Conference, we wish you the most wonderful holiday and the happiest of New Years!

Submitted by Dick and Karen Tippett

Sustainability: What’s a Sustainable Lifestyle?





“If you can keep on using the amount of stuff you’re using in daily life forever, without ever running out, then your lifestyle is sustainable.”


How can dowsing help us live more sustainably?   Many of the speakers at the Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz talked about how dowsing is a natural player in  sustainability.

Master Dowser and Geomancer Richard Feather Anderson offered an advanced dowsing class this year.  Here is more from Richard and his insight on sustainability:

“I think most of us in the dowsing community are consciously awake enough to know that we are currently engaged in non-sustainable lifestyles within a non-sustainable culture and economic system. The exciting thing about dowsers is that we’re already searching for ways to live healthier and in balance, and we don’t need to be convinced to change how we live. But we do need help figuring out what actions we can take personally. And that is what we do every other year at the West Coast Conference: we share ideas about the simple significant actions we can each incorporate into our lives to live simpler, better, more fulfilling lives that also make life better for all beings and critters. This year we will expand our usual how-to menus from the personal sphere to the well-being of our planetary home.

“Sustainability” has become a hot topic these days, which is a good thing for the planet and all us earthlings. It’s also become a buzzword in marketing, which sometimes clouds and confuses the real issues. So here’s a few thoughts I can offer in case you’re not sure what it’s all about, or have trouble explaining it to friends and acquaintances.

Sustainability is actually a very simple idea. I think of it as “treating Mother Earth right.” A phrase I coined says it in another way, “Giving back TO Mother Earth sustains a giving back FROM Mother Earth.” You can think of it as living in balance, or the ecological principle of reciprocity.

When we compost our kitchen scraps and grass clippings or fallen leaves, and spread the decomposed mulch around the vegetable garden or fruit trees, we’re feeding the soil so it can support the plants to grow more food for us to eat. We’re reciprocating, giving something back to Nature so it can keep giving to us.

To know if you are living a sustainable lifestyle, all you have to do is ask yourself, “Am I giving back to the Earth an equal measure for what I receive?” If the answer is yes, what you’re doing is sustainable. If you can keep on using the amount of stuff you’re using in daily life forever, without ever running out, then your lifestyle is sustainable.

To contact Richard:

2036 Nevada City Hwy #308    Grass Valley, CA 95945




Children’s Mystery School: “Passing the Pendulum” for 16 Years

Children and young people are the future stewards of our Planet. They have an innate curiosity, intuitive openness, and learn dowsing with ease.  Learning to dowse expands their awareness and skill sets and, once learned, will continue with them throughout their life.

The West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, CA runs July 3-7;  the Mystery school is offered July 3-5 (Thursday-Saturday).  For More information: www.dowserswestcoast.org

Teaching Kids to Dowse

Teaching Kids to Dowse

For the past 16 years, the West Coast Dowsing Conference has been “passing the pendulum,” through a unique Youth Program for young people ages 6-18.  Experienced veteran dowsers, the same instructors teaching in the Conference, pass their wisdom and skill to the next generation of dowsers, just as has been done for centuries. This experience at the Conference provides a supportive place to learn, to experience and express their intuitive abilities.

labyrinth bldg

Children and parents together find that communication between them improves and that both gain from the closer relationship that develops from the experience.

Just as stories passed from generation to generation teach skills and values, so dowsing, passed from one generation to the next, also teaches skills and values.

Dowsing also has something very basic and vital inherent in it; learning to dowse reveals our connection to consciousness and, with that connection, a responsibility to value and respect self, others and the earth.
Mentoring and teaching young people to dowse strengthens the thread of our oneness.
learning to dowse

Dowsing is our connection to energy. Children may not grasp the concept that “everything is energy” but they quickly accept stories about finding things with L-rods, particularly when we take them outside and they learn that they can do it themselves!



This year “The Children’s Mystery School” includes

• Beginning Dowsing and Hands On Dowsing

• Messages from Whales and Animal Communication  Willie The Whale

• “Kids CAN Dowse”  A Special Presentation by Katie and JohnWayne Blassingame, father and daughter

• Sacred Geometry  Richard Feather Anderson

• Spoon bending and other mind bending feats  Elizabeth Weedn

• In The Forest with Faeries and Devas      Catriona MacGregor

• The Energy of The Gongs   Faye Henry

• Labyrinths   Clare Hedin and Ophelia

• “Something Special Within”  Karen Ashley Tippett

• Butterfly Dance    Irena

The program is free to all young people up to age 18, when accompanied by a family member attending the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

As one youth program participant said:  “I have used dowsing to find stuff, pass exams and choose my college path, check my energy…”

For more information about the West Coast Dowsers Conference Youth Program click here

For registration information click here. 

A New Look at Positive Thinking

dandylion copy
Your Attitude has a LOT to do with how your dowsing turns out.  First rule:  be objective.  What’s that?  Well being objective is not being attached to the outcome or the answers your system gives you.  Ed Stillman (Master Dowser, Teacher) always says to ask “I wonder what the answer will be?”
Here Alan Handelsman shares how being positive can lead to curiosity and confidence in dowsing.
Alan Handelsman, dowser, hypnotherapist and musician will be the keynote speaker at the 2014 West Coast Dowsers Conference, (Friday July 4).
A New Look at Positive Thinking, by Alan Handelsman
Imagine a coach in the locker room with his (I know I could use female pronouns, but even in my imagination, it was easier to gain access to the men’s locker room. I encourage you to access whichever works best for you.) team, just before the championship game.
Coach #1 says, “Men, winning is hard, and you have to give 110% out there. And if you do that, and you don’t make any mistakes, I know you can win this thing!”
Coach #2 says, “Men, today one team will win the championship. In fact, one of only two teams has to win it! Let’s go out there and see if that team is US! 
Which coach is more positive? Which would you rather play for?   Now imagine that you are starting a new job or activity, and you have some fears and doubts.Friend #1 says, “Fear is a negative emotion. You shouldn’t be afraid. Dowse the fear and clear it, and then you will be fine!”
Friend #2 says, “I know that starting a new job has unknowns that can be very scary. Of course you have some fears and doubts. Please call me, because I’m really interested in how your first day goes.”
Which friend understands you better? Which friend is more positive?
Much of what passes for positive thinking is simply judging thoughts and emotions (and energies, but I will concentrate more on the first two) to be good or bad, and trying to eliminate the bad. So positive thinkers spend roughly half of their time fighting the negative, and feeling wrong or inadequate if they don’t win that fight.However, I believe that most of our problems with how we think and feel started with trying to fight our own thoughts and feelings. As children, we were told not to feel sad, afraid, or (especially) angry. But we were also taught not to feel joy. (“What’s all the noise in here, keep it down!” Or, “Those are good grades, let’s see if you can keep them up next term.”)  Notice that a lot of what passes for positive thinking puts more pressure on a person, starts from a position of wrong and inadequate, and often doesn’t achieve the desired result.My definition of being positive is saying, “Yes.” Using this new definition, if we are afraid, instead of telling ourselves that we shouldn’t feel that way, we can tell ourselves, “Yes! I feel afraid!” Now that we own it, we can change how we experience any emotion. And we can put any emotion to positive use. (There’s that word again!)If we say yes to our thoughts and emotions – not as truth necessarily, but simply as what we are thinking or feeling – then we are already being positive, and it leads to two things. Curiosity and confidence.   To me, curiosity is a much better motivator that the old positive thinking.   Imagine going into an activity. You can tell yourself one of two things.“I know I can do this.” If a part of you doesn’t really know this, or has doubts, then you may have the vague sense of lying to yourself, which creates greater stress and more doubts. Or you can say, “I’m looking forward to this. I’ve done my work and preparation, and I wonder what my experience will be like.”Which feels more positive to you? Which way allows you to be more confident?  Confidence doesn’t mean you are sure that you can do perfectly. True confidence means that you know you are capable, you are equal to the situation, and whatever the outcome, you will be able and capable. To be confident, you don’t have to be perfect, (which you’ve never been), but simply able to handle a situation, which you’ve already been doing. So maybe that means that confidence isn’t something you need to achieve, but something you already possess that you can recognize, express, and use more and more to your advantage.Yes, true confidence starts with thinking a positive thought. “Yes, this is how I feel right now.”What does all this have to do with dowsing? A lot. It may change the types of questions you ask your dowsing system. For instance, instead of “How can I clear this?” you may ask, “How can I use this?” Instead of,  “How can I achieve more?” you may ask, “How can I more easily enjoy the person I am?”
Think of sitting down to dowse. Now you may be asking yourself, “I wonder if I’m — good/relaxed/hydrated/special/ allowed/capable/experienced — enough to do this well.”
What you are asking is something you may always be asking yourself.   “Am I enough?”
Just for fun, do something different. As you sit to dowse, simply ask yourself, “I wonder what the answers will be?”  Be curious, and know that whatever the results are, you are enough.

Alan Handelsman began working with energy healing in 1991, and has been a certified hypnotherapist for over 12 years. As a professional musician, he began learning about energy work as a way to help himself with his own stage fright and depression. He now incorporates dowsing in his work, helps private clients with performance and personal issues, and has given workshops and trainings to dowsers and others worldwide, including California, Vermont, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Arkansas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Canada, England, Switzerland, and Norway. His Resonance Tuner™ is used in all 50 states and 39 foreign countries. He is noted for his ability to approach his teaching and private practice with warmth and humor.  more information:  www.sourcehypnosis.com

Ozark Research Institute: 22 Years Young and Growing

Ozark Research Institute

Ozark Research Institute


Many dowsers have trained or taught at Ozark Research Institute, and many ulumni from the ORI go on to join local Dowser groups or chapters (if they are not already connected).

Harold and Gladys McCoy, both Master Dowsers (Harold McCoy has since passed on and become a Sky Dowser) created The Ozark Research Institute in 1992.

Here´s more information on the Ozark Research Institute.

You can experience the power of healing energy at the ORI’s Dowsing and Healing Energies Convention, April 18- 21, 2014.

The Ozark Research Institute (ORI) located in Fayetteville, Arkansas was founded by Harold and Gladys McCoy in 1992 to bring dowsing into the areas of healing, spirituality, power of mind and the oneness with all that is. ORI’s focus is to assist others in moving forward on their healing path physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each person who contacts them can be empowered, with the knowingness that they have the ability to heal themselves and others. Everyone can make a positive difference for the world with unconditional love, a love so pure that it asks nothing of you, yet is there for you to use for yourself and others.

There is a healing meditation held every Tuesday evening with about 30 – 40 in attendance. Healing energy is sent out with dedication to helping others and Miracles Do Happen!

ORI members receive the energy of continued good health, healing and financial blessing for themselves and their families each week.

Each April, ORI holds the Dowsing and Healing Convention and each September, the Power of Thought School.  Both schools feature skilled teachers who share techniques that they have been successful in using to help themselves and others.

Miracles Happen!

• We worked with a woman who had been in a severe car accident, trapped in the car for 5 hours. She had several broken ribs, a broken shoulder and collar bone.  Physical, mental and emotional healing was requested.  One week later she was walking with a walker and her shoulder was healed! Remarkable recovery; the hospital staff are amazed.

• We received a healing request for a baby in utero with an intestine developing outside the body.   When the baby was born the intestine wasn’t as bad as expected, the doctor just had to perform a little tuck to fix it.

• A gentleman had lost his job and had been unemployed for 2 years. His friend called for us to include him in our healing loving prayers.   Two weeks later he had a new job and a new home.

Miracles happen when you work with your power of energy, thought and love. Spirit does the rest.

Ozark Research Institute’s mission is “to serve humanity through healing, spiritual awakening, holistic research and education.”

For More information:

Call 479-582-9197

Email: ori@ozarkresearch.org

Website: www.ozarkresearch.org