Folding circles demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms

by Bradford Hansen-Smith
If you have any interest in geometry, math, art, fractals, complexity, the quantum state, patterns of energy (referenced in sacred geometry and labyrinth designs,) the concept of wholeness, or ideas about unity, you will be enlightened to discover folding circles is a new and extraordinarily simple tool for understanding these are all the same principled patterns of organization in a great variety of formed expressions and separated ideas.

Why Fold Circles?  Because it is good for your hands and eyes, your mind, your imagination, and the well being of your spirit.
Most paper folding is about product, the circle is about process with endless product. The circle is comprehensive, and origin to all folded shapes and forms. Nothing can do what the circles does. 

Folding the circle is nothing like origami where folding a square is just one part of five; four have been removed.
For more than 2500 years we have been told the circle is a picture, an idea that has prevented us from folding it. Fundamentals of 2-D and 3-D geometry, and math relationships are revealed in the folds of the circle, all in one place. If this were not so, we would not have been able to construct what we have using parts of circles to construct by adding and subtracting fragments, all to make larger and more complex parts using formalistic methods.

The circle is the most experiential, comprehensive, hands-on, educational tool we have.  If you are interested come and fold circles; if you doubt what I say then come and fold circles. You will learn things about the circle that you do not know.

Bradford Hansen-Smith will be teaching a daylong workshop at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference on Tuesday, July 3

For the last twenty-seven years, Bradford has shared his exploration with teachers, students, and home school families.  This has been a major part of discovering a unique process we have no knowledge about. He travels internationally working with all ages and grade levels with what he has come to call “Wholemovement”, a comprehensive upgrade in understanding the word geometry. 
You can join him as he demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms.

Bradford Hansen-Smith