Folding circles demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms

by Bradford Hansen-Smith
If you have any interest in geometry, math, art, fractals, complexity, the quantum state, patterns of energy (referenced in sacred geometry and labyrinth designs,) the concept of wholeness, or ideas about unity, you will be enlightened to discover folding circles is a new and extraordinarily simple tool for understanding these are all the same principled patterns of organization in a great variety of formed expressions and separated ideas.

Why Fold Circles?  Because it is good for your hands and eyes, your mind, your imagination, and the well being of your spirit.
Most paper folding is about product, the circle is about process with endless product. The circle is comprehensive, and origin to all folded shapes and forms. Nothing can do what the circles does. 

Folding the circle is nothing like origami where folding a square is just one part of five; four have been removed.
For more than 2500 years we have been told the circle is a picture, an idea that has prevented us from folding it. Fundamentals of 2-D and 3-D geometry, and math relationships are revealed in the folds of the circle, all in one place. If this were not so, we would not have been able to construct what we have using parts of circles to construct by adding and subtracting fragments, all to make larger and more complex parts using formalistic methods.

The circle is the most experiential, comprehensive, hands-on, educational tool we have.  If you are interested come and fold circles; if you doubt what I say then come and fold circles. You will learn things about the circle that you do not know.

Bradford Hansen-Smith will be teaching a daylong workshop at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference on Tuesday, July 3

For the last twenty-seven years, Bradford has shared his exploration with teachers, students, and home school families.  This has been a major part of discovering a unique process we have no knowledge about. He travels internationally working with all ages and grade levels with what he has come to call “Wholemovement”, a comprehensive upgrade in understanding the word geometry. 
You can join him as he demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms.

Bradford Hansen-Smith

A Ley Line at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference

by Alex Champion

Figure 8 designA Little Background story

The biennial West Coast Conference (WCC) of the American Society of Dowsers is being held this year at UC Santa Cruz starting at the end of June.  I’ve been making labyrinths at the WCC for 30 years.  In 1989 I made the triple spiral design with Nicolas Finck.  The next year I made my first design, the Figure 8 design (drawing on left).

It was based on the cracks in a standing stone on the top of a cairns at a spot on Point Reyes CA (photo below right) which was one of my favorites.  After that I made a new, never been walked, labyrinthine design every year. For many years I did surveys collecting people’s experiences.

stone cairn at Pt Reyes For at least 20 years, I have put my new design on the plaza in College 8 (now Rachel Carson) in chalk and a Cretan (below left) on grass up near registration.  cretan labyrinth

A Labyrinth Plan for 2018 Conference

This year the conference is being held at Stevenson College while Rachel Carson is renovated.  I went down with WCC committee members to check out sites for the grass Cretan and the chalk design.  Stevenson has a centrally located plaza with an old Oak tree at the west end which will provide natural shade for the vendor tables.

The only place for a decent size chalk design is on the south edge of the plaza, a little east of center (google earth view of Stevenson College, the plaza site is marked by a red dot and the Letter L.)
google birds eye view of stevensens college, santa cruz
We walked down to the south edge of the campus where an unimpeded view of part of the Great Meadow can be seen.  With the ocean in the distance.  Fantastic view.  When we were there on a sunny day, the area was filled with perhaps two dozens students lying on the grass.  Only problem it was ~420 feet from the plaza.  Barry Christian suggested a courtyard area closer to the plaza (~120 feet).  It was a neat place with a large Oak at the west end, and adequate space for a Cretan on grass.
It had an added feature that a path from the parking area to the plaza ran on the east side of courtyard, so many attendees would get a nice introduction to the conference.  Because of the view and it being a nice getaway from conference activity, I chose the Great Meadow site.  Then I thought that why not put a simple crop circle design in the courtyard site as an introducing element.
When I returned I looked at Stevenson College on Google earth and located the three places for this year’s designs.  Using the edge of the ruler I found that they lined up in a straight line!  A month later I went down for a second look.  I went to the courtyard first and as I walked around the space, a site popped out to me.  I dowsed its exact location.  Then I asked if there was an energy line present, Yes, it ran through my site I picked and it ran south towards the plaza.  On the plaza it went through the site of the chalk design, and I located the site for the Cretan on grass design at the great Meadow area, and the energy line ran through it.
bulls eye crop circle    Unicursal Hexagram

I dowse that the bull’s eye crop circle (above left) would be appropriate for the courtyard site.  I have not made it before so I don’t know its effect.  For the plaza design, I thought I would base the design on a recent crop circle.  I searched through my crop circle year put out by the Alexanders.  In the 2014 edition I found a crop circle based on a unicursal hexagram, drawn with a single continuous path.  (above middle) .  So I made a unicursal hexagram which is very labyrinthine (above right).

An Energy Line Runs Through It…

I first thought  that I had found an energy line from a ley line.  My definition of a ley line is a straight line alignment of three or more notable sites.  A notable site can be a standing stone, or a stone circle, or a holy well, or it could be from a labyrinth or other unknown sources.  But after thinking about for a while, I realized that I didn’t have enough information to say the energy was from an existing ley line.

I found an energy line and its source could be several possibilities.  It could come from a standing stone.  Every standing stone I dowsed when I was in England in 1986, and there were dozens, had two energy line running through them, perpendicular to each other and meeting in the stone.

3 ring cretan labyrinthI had made a very small standing stone near the entrance of a rock 3 ring Cretan that I made on the Art Line in Nevada. (photo left).

It had two energy lines running through them.  I dowsed 10 stone circle sites, all stone circle had energy lines that ran through and beyond
(example is Merry Maidens, below right).
Merry Maidens Stone Circle

Double Spiral Earthwork Study





I did not study where they went, a much bigger endeavor, and I knew very little about ley lines at the time (1986).  But I did dowse a ley line because the last stone circle place we visited was the Hurlers, which were three stone circles in a row.  Dowsing simply for energy lines, this is what I found.  What I conclude was that three stone circles in a row helped to magnify the energy coming in them.  (Image below}

 I made over 40 earthworks and every one had several types of energy lines that ran through them and on beyond them (photo double spiral dowsing study).  I never followed any line leaving the earthwork very far.  I remember asking how far by dowsing and received that many of the lines went around the world.  That was one of those answers in which I would have to do a lot work to confirm, so I didn’t think about it.

The Stevenson energy line could  be from energy generated by a ley line.  That’s one of several possibilities.  In England, many ley lines are made with stone circles and standing stones, each of which is capable of generating energy lines.  One would have to orient each structure so that their line ran along the ley lines.

If there was no existing energy line, proper alignment of the Cretan, six pointed star, so that the energy ran along their straight line alignment would create a very high energy in itself.  The Cretan will generate power spot energy and the six pointed star Yod energy, and will those two combined they produce a higher level energy.  I saw this before with meander wand design (Image below).

I will be making a ley line on top of an existing energy line.
Over the past 30 years all my designs have been independent of each other.  One year I made a cross of four labyrinthine designs, and the energy at the center was quite high.  This year I was making was a ley line.  I know that I can site  the Cretan and hexagram so that their energy will flow along the ley line.  Their combined energy will create a high level energy.  A circular design will draw in energy to its center and then send energy out the circle at a higher frequency energy.  A circle will purify the area where it’s in.  What will happen when the Cretan and Hexagram combined energy hits the crop circle is hard to predict.  
So the newly created energized ley line will interact in some unknown way and may result in a even higher level energy.  To modulate the effects of supposed higher energy line, the following prayer will be imprinted into the ley line, may everyone who experiences this energy do so according to their needs.

Another possible effect of adding energy to an existing energy line may increase its width, which I dowsed to be. four feet wide.

Feeling the Effects: 

After determining the three sites I sat at a table on the plaza and watched how the students used it.  My seat was off the line, a student sat a table that was on the line.  He left and I went and sat on the line.  Within moments, I started pulsing, a full body pulse. I left and went back to the table off line.  the pulsing stopped.  I went back and sat on the line, and the pulsing reappeared.  Later when the three committee members joined me in the plaza, I asked them to sit at the table on the line.  Sarah, across me, said almost immediately, I am buzzing.  Then moments later, no really, I’m really buzzing.  Birute on my left reported that, Yes, I did feel a buzz.  It was subtle but clear. , and Carol on my right said, Yes, I definitely felt something.  It wasn’t a “buzzing” but definitely something strong and powerful.  In my mind, I was persuaded that an energy was present.

The line runs, I estimate, to be 8 degrees East of North/South.   As it heads south, it enters the ocean at Santa Cruz and stays in the ocean.  North, it runs east of the East Bay and runs into the Mount Shasta area in northern CA.

Alex Champion will be creating this Ley Line at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference on Saturday Morning, June 30 at 10:45 AM.
You can join him as he talks about the process and help build the labyrinths!
Alex B Champion
Earthworks and Labyrinths
(707) 546-1635

Children’s Mystery School: “Passing the Pendulum” for 16 Years

Children and young people are the future stewards of our Planet. They have an innate curiosity, intuitive openness, and learn dowsing with ease.  Learning to dowse expands their awareness and skill sets and, once learned, will continue with them throughout their life.

The West Coast Dowsers Conference in Santa Cruz, CA runs July 3-7;  the Mystery school is offered July 3-5 (Thursday-Saturday).  For More information:

Teaching Kids to Dowse

Teaching Kids to Dowse

For the past 16 years, the West Coast Dowsing Conference has been “passing the pendulum,” through a unique Youth Program for young people ages 6-18.  Experienced veteran dowsers, the same instructors teaching in the Conference, pass their wisdom and skill to the next generation of dowsers, just as has been done for centuries. This experience at the Conference provides a supportive place to learn, to experience and express their intuitive abilities.

labyrinth bldg

Children and parents together find that communication between them improves and that both gain from the closer relationship that develops from the experience.

Just as stories passed from generation to generation teach skills and values, so dowsing, passed from one generation to the next, also teaches skills and values.

Dowsing also has something very basic and vital inherent in it; learning to dowse reveals our connection to consciousness and, with that connection, a responsibility to value and respect self, others and the earth.
Mentoring and teaching young people to dowse strengthens the thread of our oneness.
learning to dowse

Dowsing is our connection to energy. Children may not grasp the concept that “everything is energy” but they quickly accept stories about finding things with L-rods, particularly when we take them outside and they learn that they can do it themselves!



This year “The Children’s Mystery School” includes

• Beginning Dowsing and Hands On Dowsing

• Messages from Whales and Animal Communication  Willie The Whale

• “Kids CAN Dowse”  A Special Presentation by Katie and JohnWayne Blassingame, father and daughter

• Sacred Geometry  Richard Feather Anderson

• Spoon bending and other mind bending feats  Elizabeth Weedn

• In The Forest with Faeries and Devas      Catriona MacGregor

• The Energy of The Gongs   Faye Henry

• Labyrinths   Clare Hedin and Ophelia

• “Something Special Within”  Karen Ashley Tippett

• Butterfly Dance    Irena

The program is free to all young people up to age 18, when accompanied by a family member attending the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

As one youth program participant said:  “I have used dowsing to find stuff, pass exams and choose my college path, check my energy…”

For more information about the West Coast Dowsers Conference Youth Program click here

For registration information click here. 

Using Dowsing With Labyrinths

Children naturally know how to walk labyrinths.

Children naturally know how to walk labyrinths.


Here’s another example of Dowsing, and the benefits of keeping an open mind!   This story is from Richard Feather Anderson, who will teach an advanced course at the Dowsers West Coast Conference in July, Santa Cruz, CA.

“Dowsing is a wonderful way to reach beyond what we consciously know – to get answers to questions that best serve everyone concerned. I can’t imagine doing what I do professionally without the help of dowsing. I use it in every feng shui consultation, geomantic site planning job, labyrinth design project, space clearing, and earth acupuncture treatment. Dowsing gives me deep insights more quickly than I could ever get just using my rational, logical, analytical faculties. Let me give you some examples from my every-day professional uses.

In my thirty years of designing and laying out labyrinths for people to use for walking meditations and consciousness-raising processes, I have always dowsed for the spot that will “best support” these activities, and then dowse for where the entrance and main axis should go. One of the first years I brought labyrinths to the West Coast Conference, 1986 or 87, my dowsing directed me to orient a seven-circuit ancient style labyrinth so that the entry path was directly aimed at a three-story blank concrete wall on the campus of UC Santa Cruz. I could not figure out why my higher intuitive self thought this was a good idea. My architect’s mind told me this gave meditators the ugliest possible view as they started their walk and arrived at the center. I had noticed that labyrinth walkers spend most of their time looking down at the ground to stay on the path, and only look up as they enter, and again when they arrive at the center. So I knew it’ was important to orient a labyrinth so you see something inspirational or peaceful at those moments when you look up and take in the surroundings.

Even though I couldn’t explain why it made sense, I followed my dowsing results. On the last night of the conference I went out to have one last labyrinth walk. It was the first clear fog-less night, and as I stood at the mouth of the labyrinth and looked along the path to the center, I saw to my amazement that the path was pointing directly due north to the North Star. “Oh, my goodness!” I exclaimed, “so that’s why I was directed to orient it this way.”

I learned that night to never question my labyrinth dowsing results again. The next year it happened again with the orientation of a Chartres labyrinth. I thought I was being told to orient the labyrinth toward the beautiful redwood grove on campus, but when I took a compass reading I discovered it was also replicating the orientation of the original labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France, which points at the summer solstice sunrise. I just love how dowsing nudges me to do things that are only later revealed to be so perfect for the desired intention or goal.

For more information about Richard Feather Anderson:

2036 Nevada City Hwy #308;  Grass Valley, CA 95945


Daffodil Labyrinth Days in Santa Rosa

Inaugeration of the new labyrinth

Inaugeration of the new labyrinth

Alex Champion, master builder of labyrinths, held his annual Daffodil Labyrinth Days at his home in Santa Rosa, March 8.

Alex started this event years ago at his home in Mendocino County as a way to celebrate spirit, Spring, the sacredness of the Labyrinth and the blooming of the daffodils.

Now,  having moved to Santa Rosa, Alex continues this tradition.  Dowsers, Labyrinth builders and friends of Metaphysics came to be with kindred spirits and their friends, and walk the Labyrinth.

Here’s a diagram of his plan for the “4 directions labyrinth/small earthwork” before he started:

alex planlb
From Alex:

“This is a small labyrinth with just an eighty foot pathway.  And it’s a circular labyrinth, so there is no center.  One enters to the green dot and goes either CW or CCW (straight ahead) and then walk around the central mound I call the dyad, as many times as one wants.”

The mounds were seeded with California wildflowers for the wine region, and most mounds are covered with seedlings.

He lined the mounds with some river rock generously donated by Charity Grace Kirk.

4 directions labyrinth in progress

Here’s how the labyrinth looked in February this year:

(before the river rock was installed)

The final result!

daffypic3 daffypic6

This labyrinth  has a special connecting energy with the Oak Tree in the background.

Alex will be teaching the art of Labyrinth making in a hands-on ‘Funshop’ Thursday, July 3, 2014 at The West Coast Dowsing Conference to be held this July 3 to July 7 in Santa Cruz.

For more info: