What is Therapeutic Dowsing?

Art from Insspirito

by Roxanne Louise,
Presenter at 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference,
June 29-July 2.

While dowsing can be used for literally everything, I use it extensively to locate and clear stuck energies, both for myself on a regular basis, and for my clients. Stuck energies include mental and emotional issues and upsets that have piled up and make dealing with current issues, staying healthy or healing if you are ill, achieving your goals, and living your life with enthusiasm and abundant vitality much more difficult. So freeing up this energy is vital to all areas of your life. It includes not just the unpleasant memories but also the negative beliefs and judgments about those events that continue to color your world and limit you in multiple ways including resolving it effectively.

How does energy get stuck? 
Basically, energy gets stuck when it is unprocessed. Perhaps when an upset occurred, you didn’t know how to deal with it and, therefore, didn’t. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps you didn’t have the skills, or the awareness of what you were registering on an unconscious level. Perhaps your family, culture or religion taught you to deny and not express your thoughts and the resulting emotions. So you may have stuffed your feelings instead of quickly resolving them thereby avoiding future issues.

On the other hand, even if you had the awareness of the importance of resolving issues and even the therapeutic skills, you may have had neither the time or energy to do so. This frequently happens during a crisis, ill health, or overwhelm. By the time the emergency passes, you may be so busy on catching up on other needed tasks, that you lack any interest in going back to dealing with past unpleasantries.

A Wake-Up Call
My experience shows that after a prolonged time of continual build-up of unprocessed negative emotions and the non-beneficial thoughts around unpleasant events, it becomes difficult to keep such memories and feelings from resurfacing and contaminating the present. This may show up as illness, insomnia, nightmares, relationship issues, increasing irritation, explosive bursts of anger, depression, malaise, feeling victimized, etc. In short, it can demonstrate as sensitivities and issues in any area of life.

Dowsing can help!
When I first learned dowsing in 1990, I was given about a dozen half-circle charts and checklists. These included one chart each for positive emotions that could be blocked or needed to be increased, and for negative emotions that needed to be cleared. It included checklists with names of key relationships (mother, father, brother, sister, etc). to identify the percentage of positive and negative energy attached to each.

Since I was already a hypnotherapist, I went home and within the first year made hundreds of more charts and checklists for my clients and myself. This included an extensive listing of typical events (birthdays, holidays, first day of school, etc.), and activities (public speaking, driving a car, balancing a checkbook, etc.). I listed fears, defense mechanisms, addictive thinking, negative beliefs and judgments, attitude, and issues. I included secondary gain, shadow issues, archetypes, traumas, reasons for smoking, and the physical and psychological reasons for overeating, and much more.

This material eventually was published in a pendulum course manual, Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing available through my website, www.RoxanneLouise.com
Once I identified what needed to be addressed, I extracted the positive learning or wisdom that could be extracted,  healed or cleared the upset or limiting belief, and then finished with installing the positive opposite through dowsing. I also had dowsing charts for helpful therapies, modalities and activities.

To process the issue, I formed a very strong, clear intent of what I wanted done, and held it while the pendulum was spinning. Then I checked with the pendulum that it was in fact done, or the degree to which I had been successful.
If the problem was not yet fully resolved, I investigated other aspects of the problem. Such aspects could be other emotions, beliefs, judgments, associations. For example, I might be angry at someone, but also angry and ashamed at myself, and humiliated in front of others. I might have had similar experiences with that same person and with others in the past. I may be projecting more of the same occurring in the future. I may as a result be avoiding seeing anyone involved lest it bring up the emotions with the memory.

This practice of dowsing to locate and clear mental and emotional issues has over time resulted in me experiencing much greater peace of mind. Things don’t upset me as easily. I am triggered less. Dramas have receded into the past. I have overcome major challenges with some grace. And I have helped others do the same. Consequently, I fully recommend that others learn how to do this for themselves. This is so empowering as well as healing. You will be able to quickly deal with things, anytime – day or night, anyplace, on your own. And if you need additional help beyond this, you will also be able to know who and what to seek out or research.

Roxanne Louise will teach a daylong workshop: “Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing: Dowsing for Mental & Emotional Issues” at the West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz, July 3. Register here http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

photoAlan HandelsmanRoxanne Louise is a Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Dowser, who divides her time between private practice, teaching classes both locally and at national conferences, and writing books. She is known for her ability to integrate multiple modalities for a powerful synergistic effect that enables profound healing not possible with one modality alone, and in a way not previously done by others.

Dowsing is phenomenally fast at locating and then resolving the root and related causes of mental and emotional issues. In this workshop, we will work with a large number of charts and checklists to identify and release stuck energies, extract the positive learning from experiences, and enhance positive energy. This frees up energy that can be applied elsewhere – physical healing, personal goal achievement, and living your life with greater enthusiasm, joy and vitality. We will investigate: each year of your life including the future, key relationships, typical life events, beliefs, judgments, prejudices, addictive thinking, fears and other emotions, repeating negative patterns and habits.
While covering all this may seem a formidable task, Roxanne will show you a shortcut to cut to the chase of the matter. Not only will you learn how to do all of the above for yourself, but to do so telepathically with others who have requested your assistance.

Reality Shifts, Quantum Jumps, and the Mandela Effect

Art from Insspirito

by Cynthia Sue Larson,
Keynote speaker at this year’s conference.

There’s a common assumption that we share one common reality. This assumption may seem so obvious as to not be worth mentioning—except that it’s quite possibly untrue. Mark Twain once wrote, “the report of my death was an exaggeration,” when he heard people thought they’d seen reports of his death. According to my research and surveys reported in my book, Quantum Jumps, 27% of 567 people surveyed reported that they have “seen dead people and animals alive again.” 

Commonly reported reality shifts and Mandela Effects involve objects changing, or vanishing and reappearing, and involve changes to movies, songs, books, and products—and people or animals previously reported dead being alive again.
What’s going on when we observe such reality shifts and Mandela Effects? Quantum phenomena occurs at all levels of reality—not just ‘in the quantum realm.’ Such phenomena involves instantaneous changes of state, and includes seemingly improbable things as: so-called ‘spooky action at a distance,’ and instantaneous exchanges of information through quantum entanglement, quantum teleportation, and superpositions of states (where quanta can simultaneously be in two possible states at the same time). Quantum phenomena require an Observer, and the measurements obtained by an Observer has everything to do with what choices the Observer makes. Observers can influence past events also, so choices made now can change what has previously occurred. We notice reality shifts when we are both the Actors and the Observers in our lives, witnessing more than one set of historical events. An Observer’s awareness of having jumped between realities or timelines can seem like a paradox, if all possible realities might co-exist, yet we typically only remember one—or perhaps two.

New paradigms take time to be fully adopted, and what we are witnessing now at this dawn of the Quantum Age is the letting go of old Aristotelian logic with its three basic principles of: identity, contradiction, and the excluded middle. Quantum physics has pretty much completely overturned this classical logic apple cart, but the scientific method has not yet adopted the much more comprehensive and complete quantum logic, with its co-existing, overlapping possibilities.

We typically believe we live in a ‘classical physics’ world, yet we are seeing ever-increasing evidence that suggests primacy of quantum physics. And some of the greatest insights can come from taking a closer look at ways that quantum physics differs from classical physics.
Some differences between classical and quantum physics include:
Quantum physics requires an Observer outside of the system being perceived, while Classical physics does not. Who “I” am as an Observer is of central significance in the reality I subsequently observe. We gain the ability to expand our sense of self by noticing we are both actors and observers in our lives, laying the groundwork for becoming capable of witnessing more than one set of historical events.

Quantum physics utilizes a concept of ‘quanta’ in which events occur in discontinuous, ‘stair step’ fashion; classical physics events occur on a smooth continuum. All scientific fields are starting to incorporate quantum jumps in such new fields as: Quantum Biology, Quantum Chemistry, and Quantum Astronomy. Nature is especially adept and adroit at utilizing quantum retrocausality (in which we in the present can affect the past) to produce exceptionally high levels of efficiencies in such natural processes as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis has been proven to be an example of quantum phenomena occurring where scientists never would have expected to find it—in warm, wet, messy, macroscopic (larger-than-Planck-scale) environments.

Quantum physics has disproven classical physics assumptions of: Material Realism (where it was assumed that only what can be measured matters); Locality (where it was assumed that non-local events do not occur); and Objectivity (where it was assumed that ‘objective measurements’ could be made without including an Observer’s choices).

We can see from quantum physics that we are Observers whose choices matter.
We are capable of recognizing reality shifts and Mandela Effects because we are capable of experiencing more than one possible history of events.
We can check on facts we thought we knew, or compare notes with people who also experienced events with us many years ago, and expect to occasionally be surprised that what we remember differs from the official history—and that’s OK. It’s more than OK, in the sense that this allows us to be part of a constantly evolving reality.

photo Cynthia Sue LarsonCynthia Sue Larson is a transformational speaker, best-selling author, and life coach whose new book, Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity, is available at: www.realityshifters.com.

Cynthia will be the keynote speaker this year
at the West Coast Dowsers Conference!

Folding circles demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms

by Bradford Hansen-Smith
If you have any interest in geometry, math, art, fractals, complexity, the quantum state, patterns of energy (referenced in sacred geometry and labyrinth designs,) the concept of wholeness, or ideas about unity, you will be enlightened to discover folding circles is a new and extraordinarily simple tool for understanding these are all the same principled patterns of organization in a great variety of formed expressions and separated ideas.

Why Fold Circles?  Because it is good for your hands and eyes, your mind, your imagination, and the well being of your spirit.
Most paper folding is about product, the circle is about process with endless product. The circle is comprehensive, and origin to all folded shapes and forms. Nothing can do what the circles does. 

Folding the circle is nothing like origami where folding a square is just one part of five; four have been removed.
For more than 2500 years we have been told the circle is a picture, an idea that has prevented us from folding it. Fundamentals of 2-D and 3-D geometry, and math relationships are revealed in the folds of the circle, all in one place. If this were not so, we would not have been able to construct what we have using parts of circles to construct by adding and subtracting fragments, all to make larger and more complex parts using formalistic methods.

The circle is the most experiential, comprehensive, hands-on, educational tool we have.  If you are interested come and fold circles; if you doubt what I say then come and fold circles. You will learn things about the circle that you do not know.

Bradford Hansen-Smith will be teaching a daylong workshop at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference on Tuesday, July 3

For the last twenty-seven years, Bradford has shared his exploration with teachers, students, and home school families.  This has been a major part of discovering a unique process we have no knowledge about. He travels internationally working with all ages and grade levels with what he has come to call “Wholemovement”, a comprehensive upgrade in understanding the word geometry. 
You can join him as he demonstrates a process of Wholeness beyond all other shapes and forms.

Bradford Hansen-Smith

A Ley Line at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference

by Alex Champion

Figure 8 designA Little Background story

The biennial West Coast Conference (WCC) of the American Society of Dowsers is being held this year at UC Santa Cruz starting at the end of June.  I’ve been making labyrinths at the WCC for 30 years.  In 1989 I made the triple spiral design with Nicolas Finck.  The next year I made my first design, the Figure 8 design (drawing on left).

It was based on the cracks in a standing stone on the top of a cairns at a spot on Point Reyes CA (photo below right) which was one of my favorites.  After that I made a new, never been walked, labyrinthine design every year. For many years I did surveys collecting people’s experiences.

stone cairn at Pt Reyes For at least 20 years, I have put my new design on the plaza in College 8 (now Rachel Carson) in chalk and a Cretan (below left) on grass up near registration.  cretan labyrinth

A Labyrinth Plan for 2018 Conference

This year the conference is being held at Stevenson College while Rachel Carson is renovated.  I went down with WCC committee members to check out sites for the grass Cretan and the chalk design.  Stevenson has a centrally located plaza with an old Oak tree at the west end which will provide natural shade for the vendor tables.

The only place for a decent size chalk design is on the south edge of the plaza, a little east of center (google earth view of Stevenson College, the plaza site is marked by a red dot and the Letter L.)
google birds eye view of stevensens college, santa cruz
We walked down to the south edge of the campus where an unimpeded view of part of the Great Meadow can be seen.  With the ocean in the distance.  Fantastic view.  When we were there on a sunny day, the area was filled with perhaps two dozens students lying on the grass.  Only problem it was ~420 feet from the plaza.  Barry Christian suggested a courtyard area closer to the plaza (~120 feet).  It was a neat place with a large Oak at the west end, and adequate space for a Cretan on grass.
It had an added feature that a path from the parking area to the plaza ran on the east side of courtyard, so many attendees would get a nice introduction to the conference.  Because of the view and it being a nice getaway from conference activity, I chose the Great Meadow site.  Then I thought that why not put a simple crop circle design in the courtyard site as an introducing element.
When I returned I looked at Stevenson College on Google earth and located the three places for this year’s designs.  Using the edge of the ruler I found that they lined up in a straight line!  A month later I went down for a second look.  I went to the courtyard first and as I walked around the space, a site popped out to me.  I dowsed its exact location.  Then I asked if there was an energy line present, Yes, it ran through my site I picked and it ran south towards the plaza.  On the plaza it went through the site of the chalk design, and I located the site for the Cretan on grass design at the great Meadow area, and the energy line ran through it.
bulls eye crop circle    Unicursal Hexagram

I dowse that the bull’s eye crop circle (above left) would be appropriate for the courtyard site.  I have not made it before so I don’t know its effect.  For the plaza design, I thought I would base the design on a recent crop circle.  I searched through my crop circle year put out by the Alexanders.  In the 2014 edition I found a crop circle based on a unicursal hexagram, drawn with a single continuous path.  (above middle) .  So I made a unicursal hexagram which is very labyrinthine (above right).

An Energy Line Runs Through It…

I first thought  that I had found an energy line from a ley line.  My definition of a ley line is a straight line alignment of three or more notable sites.  A notable site can be a standing stone, or a stone circle, or a holy well, or it could be from a labyrinth or other unknown sources.  But after thinking about for a while, I realized that I didn’t have enough information to say the energy was from an existing ley line.

I found an energy line and its source could be several possibilities.  It could come from a standing stone.  Every standing stone I dowsed when I was in England in 1986, and there were dozens, had two energy line running through them, perpendicular to each other and meeting in the stone.

3 ring cretan labyrinthI had made a very small standing stone near the entrance of a rock 3 ring Cretan that I made on the Art Line in Nevada. (photo left).

It had two energy lines running through them.  I dowsed 10 stone circle sites, all stone circle had energy lines that ran through and beyond
(example is Merry Maidens, below right).
Merry Maidens Stone Circle

Double Spiral Earthwork Study





I did not study where they went, a much bigger endeavor, and I knew very little about ley lines at the time (1986).  But I did dowse a ley line because the last stone circle place we visited was the Hurlers, which were three stone circles in a row.  Dowsing simply for energy lines, this is what I found.  What I conclude was that three stone circles in a row helped to magnify the energy coming in them.  (Image below}

 I made over 40 earthworks and every one had several types of energy lines that ran through them and on beyond them (photo double spiral dowsing study).  I never followed any line leaving the earthwork very far.  I remember asking how far by dowsing and received that many of the lines went around the world.  That was one of those answers in which I would have to do a lot work to confirm, so I didn’t think about it.

The Stevenson energy line could  be from energy generated by a ley line.  That’s one of several possibilities.  In England, many ley lines are made with stone circles and standing stones, each of which is capable of generating energy lines.  One would have to orient each structure so that their line ran along the ley lines.

If there was no existing energy line, proper alignment of the Cretan, six pointed star, so that the energy ran along their straight line alignment would create a very high energy in itself.  The Cretan will generate power spot energy and the six pointed star Yod energy, and will those two combined they produce a higher level energy.  I saw this before with meander wand design (Image below).

I will be making a ley line on top of an existing energy line.
Over the past 30 years all my designs have been independent of each other.  One year I made a cross of four labyrinthine designs, and the energy at the center was quite high.  This year I was making was a ley line.  I know that I can site  the Cretan and hexagram so that their energy will flow along the ley line.  Their combined energy will create a high level energy.  A circular design will draw in energy to its center and then send energy out the circle at a higher frequency energy.  A circle will purify the area where it’s in.  What will happen when the Cretan and Hexagram combined energy hits the crop circle is hard to predict.  
So the newly created energized ley line will interact in some unknown way and may result in a even higher level energy.  To modulate the effects of supposed higher energy line, the following prayer will be imprinted into the ley line, may everyone who experiences this energy do so according to their needs.

Another possible effect of adding energy to an existing energy line may increase its width, which I dowsed to be. four feet wide.

Feeling the Effects: 

After determining the three sites I sat at a table on the plaza and watched how the students used it.  My seat was off the line, a student sat a table that was on the line.  He left and I went and sat on the line.  Within moments, I started pulsing, a full body pulse. I left and went back to the table off line.  the pulsing stopped.  I went back and sat on the line, and the pulsing reappeared.  Later when the three committee members joined me in the plaza, I asked them to sit at the table on the line.  Sarah, across me, said almost immediately, I am buzzing.  Then moments later, no really, I’m really buzzing.  Birute on my left reported that, Yes, I did feel a buzz.  It was subtle but clear. , and Carol on my right said, Yes, I definitely felt something.  It wasn’t a “buzzing” but definitely something strong and powerful.  In my mind, I was persuaded that an energy was present.

The line runs, I estimate, to be 8 degrees East of North/South.   As it heads south, it enters the ocean at Santa Cruz and stays in the ocean.  North, it runs east of the East Bay and runs into the Mount Shasta area in northern CA.

Alex Champion will be creating this Ley Line at the 2018 West Coast Dowsers Conference on Saturday Morning, June 30 at 10:45 AM.
You can join him as he talks about the process and help build the labyrinths!
Alex B Champion
Earthworks and Labyrinths
(707) 546-1635

The Wisdom in Loss: Let’s Lose the Baggage!

Old baggage

By Melinda Iverson Inn
Health and Wellness Dowsing Specialist
and presenter at this year’s conference, June 29-July 3

One day my dear husband and I went shopping at one of the local large home-improvement stores. He needed to pick up something or other for the house, and wanting to be a supportive partner, I went along for the ride. We entered the store and began searching the aisles. As he continued the search for his item, I stopped to examine an interesting find and stood in the aisle fascinated by this object. I don’t remember how long I actually stayed there admiring whatever-it-was that was so fascinating, but when I looked up, my husband had moved on to another part of the store. It’s a big store, and I hadn’t seen in which direction he’d gone. All of a sudden a wave of frustration took over and I felt a rush of heat; right there, in the middle of the aisle, I stamped my foot. As soon as I did it, I realized something else was obviously going on. Really, when was the last time you stamped your foot over something? But there I was, a grown woman, acting like an angry two-year-old who felt abandoned in a store.

Lo and behold, I was a two year old, energetically, at that moment in time. Where did this obvious visceral, emotional reaction to such a benign situation come from? At that moment I did not know, but I was definitely going to find out.  This completely uncharacteristic reaction, albeit a bit amusing, prompted in me a desire to do a little investigating. What was the trauma that had been triggered? Could I release it? That day when I got back home, I went to straight to work, who wants to walk around as an angry 2 year old? Dowsing through a series of questions I had learned to ask my clients when helping them release their trauma blocks, I eventually narrowed down the search to a specific time frame, what other person was involved, and what caused the unwanted behavior. With the information discovered and using a reliable technique I was able to release the trauma.  Thank goodness. I suppose being 2 has its advantages, but not for a woman over 50!

The Process of 1
At that point I decided it was important to me to teach others how to do the process of 1. Recognizing a trauma; with some traumas it’s pretty easy to see and feel our reactions to seemingly harmless situations, and yet most of our traumas lie dormant until they are triggered. 2. Investigating; what questions need asking to really get to the root of the disharmony and subsequent reaction. 3 Make it as easy as possible to release whatever was discovered, which can bring us back to ease, inner spaciousness, harmony and ready for the next issue that I can pretty much guarantee will arise.

Dowsing can help!
Although my talk is titled the ‘Wisdom of Loss”, as I lost my home in the recent California wildfires, which taught me about trauma from a whole new perspective, its really about the ability to investigate our traumas and losses, and to see the wisdom in investing the time to lose our stuff, whether it’s a trauma, or an object its all the same. There are lessons to be learned: so that when we ultimately lose everything, including our bodies, it’s not a big deal.  The goal is to keep cleaning up our inner compost pile by releasing our inner attachments to things that don’t serve as useful to us anymore. Believe it or not, at one point in time or another those stinky banana peels, known as a particular idea created by a trauma, actually served us well.

At West Coast Dowers 2018, we’ll look into investigating the exploration of the trauma in loss, no matter how big or how small the experienced loss is, how to know when you are triggered, how to narrow down the search for the trigger, and a dowsing short cut to release the unconscious attachment to the trauma.

I’m excited to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.
Come by my table, say “hello” and join the interactive talk on
Monday, July 2 at 10:45 am.

Melinda will be presenting:  “The Wisdom in Loss” at the West Coast Conference in Santa Cruz on June 29. Register here http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/

photoAlan HandelsmanMelinda Iverson Inn, helps conscious seekers like you to get in tune with your own intuitive wisdom to bring forth and create harmony, balance, and clarity, for your health and wellbeing.
Get your free 15-minute Self-Healing Discovery session with Melinda at 
O: 415-508-6847
SKYPE: melindainn
What’sApp: +1 415 385 0347

Dowsing for Things that go bump in the night


Things that go bump in the night

Do ghosts really exist? After people die, can they continue to hang around and haunt a person or a place? Can entities cause problems for us? Can paranormal activity be real? After dowsing and teaching as my profession for almost twenty years, with a primary focus on personal energy clearing and space clearing, my answer to those questions is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, this aspect of my space clearing work has become my specialty.

After doing thousands of space clearings, both on-site and remote, I find two primary causes of paranormal experiences:

  1. Earthbound Spirits
  2. Interference Energy

Earthbound Spirits

An Earthbound Spirit is a human being who has lived on Earth, whose physical body has died and whose soul has entered the astral plane, but for some reason, the person chooses not to enter the proverbial tunnel and follow the Light to join their loved ones in the Higher Realms. They are too attached to a person, a place, or to physical life itself. They are still somewhat aware of their physical surroundings and can see the physical people around them, but most of those people cannot hear or see them.

Some souls get trapped in the astral plane for many years, sometimes hundreds of years. They do not realize that they have trapped themselves.

Interference Energy

There are many kinds of beings in the astral plane besides Earthbound Spirits. One category of these spirit beings is what I call “non-human entities.” These are beings that have never had life on Earth as human beings, but are somehow related to human activity. I believe that in a very real sense, human beings actually create these “negative beings” with our negative thoughts, emotions, and actions.

When people enter intensely negative states of mind and emotion, because of traumatic life experiences, we can open a crack between the worlds and energies in the astral plane can connect to us. This is what I call Interference Energy. It then greatly exacerbates the negativity that attracted it in the first place. It sets up in certain places in the home that I call “doorways to the astral plane.” Some might call them portals.

Interference Energy then causes all the natural (Earth) energies in that home to be detrimental. It also exacerbates negativity in and between people in the home. Interference Energy interferes with our lives.

Problems Caused by Earthbound Spirits and Interference Energy

As a general rule, people just don’t feel good when these energies are in their homes or offices, and it’s much more common than you might think. Some might not even notice it, but it can cause major problems for more energetically sensitive people, especially for empaths.

Some people feel depressed and anxious when in spaces that are affected by these energies. Physical symptoms of illness will likely be exacerbated. For others, it can actually cause physical symptoms, such as intense headaches, nausea, insomnia, strong pressure in the neck and chest area causing a choking sensation, etc.

Earthbound Spirits and negative beings, or non-human entities, can see and hear us, but, as a general rule, we cannot hear or see them. Children see them more often that adults. Cats and dogs are often reported to hiss or bark at “nothing,” however it seems that they are seeing something that we can’t see.

Paranormal Events

However, in time, if the Earthbound Spirits or the negative beings related to Interference Energy have access to the space for long enough, they can learn to manipulate the physical energy environment and cause paranormal events. They can turn lights off and on, and they sometimes are actually reported to flip switches. They can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or quit working altogether. They can make rapping sounds on walls and ceilings, as well as the sounds and physical vibrations of footsteps, when no one in the physical space is walking. Some clients report smelling strong odors, like cigarette or cigar smoke, a particular perfume, or even more gruesome odors, such as rotting flesh.

Some Earthbound Spirits may simply be trying to let their loved ones know they are there. Others are angry because strangers are living in what they consider to be their home, and they want to drive them away. Even if they mean well, most Earthbound Spirits are frustrated and angry, which causes most of the natural energies in the home to be detrimental.

The negative beings that are given access to the home through Interference Energy often want to instigate fear in the inhabitants of the space. They feed on our fear and negativity; it strengthens and empowers them. This is one of the dangers in working to clear them, as for many people, dealing with these spirits breeds fear, which can actually make things worse.

For the most part, these energy beings do not cause physical harm and are not dangerous. Sometimes my clients are amused and aren’t afraid; others are terrified. They almost all want these activities to stop.


Finding the Energies and Clearing the Spaces

In my housecleaning sessions, both remote and onsite, I deal with these energies almost every day. You can learn how I find and clear them in the full-length version of this article at www.dowsers.com. However, this is not something I can adequately teach you to do in the written word. After working with these energies for many years, I find it takes lots of personal coaching, with much time for practice, before I can get other dowsers to feel confident in finding and clearing these energies. Very few do, especially with Interference Energy. For now, I just wanted to convey that I know that these supernatural occurrences can be real and ultimately can be cleared.


Joey Korn is a global leader in the world of dowsing and energy work. He regularly speaks and teaches worshop at our conference in Santa Cruz and all over the world.  Learn about his space clearing work and more at www.dowsers.com.

Things that go bump in the night

Discover Your Spirit Animal – Discover Yourself

Catriona Squirrel Photo#2


Within each of us lies the potential for forging a sacred relationship that can change our lives. A relationship that can open our eyes to a world of wonder previously beyond our ken. Spirit Animals can open an ancient doorway to the mysterious realm of the soul. When we travel through this doorway – new ways of knowing unfold. We learn that we are intimately connected, not only with the animals but, ultimately, with the Creator of ALL life.


We need this connection with nature for our health, and well-being. We also need to learn things from nature that no human-being can teach.


A Spirit Animal is an animal whose energy and spirit resonates with a specific person, tribe, family or group of people. All animals, and plants for that matter, have an invisible divine or energetic reality beyond their physical existence. Spirit animals have been referred to as “totem” animals, by Native Americans, and as “power” animals, a term especially prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. I prefer to use the term “Spirit Animal” as this more closely reflects that we are dealing with the “over-soul” of the physical animal.


Spirit animals are important guides for humankind and have guided us for thousands of years. Most cultures—including Egyptians, Native Americans, Hindus, Mayans, and others too numerous to mention here—recognized the importance of animal and plant spirits. For example, from my own heritage and Celtic culture, each clan has a “clan animal” in much the same way that the Native Americans had a totem animal for their tribe (i.e. the Crow people). (The Oak Tree and the lion are two of the most important symbols for my family clan, the Macgregor’s. These symbols are found on our Coat of Arms and on our badges. )


Every person on Earth is aligned with at least one Spirit Animal – sometimes referred to as their life totem or life spirit animal. In quite a few cases, an individual may have more than one Spirit Animal. For example, I work with over forty Spirit Animals. Each one of these animals has unique qualities and abilities.

catriona & Sparrow hawk1


By forging a relationship with Spirit Animals:


– Your unique qualities and characteristics are revealed to you in a way that allows you to fully “own” and make use of them as your greatest strengths.


– You experience a world previously beyond the scope of your perceptions. Secrets are revealed that you might never have discovered on your own.


– You are able to more readily tap into the mysteries of the Universe and understand signs.


– Your life becomes richer and filled with greater meaning as you experience greater connection and understanding of nature and natural cycles.


– Your growing compassionate heart transforms the planet by bringing greater caring into the world for the benefit of all beings.


The importance of having a greater understanding and respect for other life, at this moment in history, cannot be over-emphasized. The animals and the plants are calling to us – the human race – to heed them – to know them – to care for them. Whenever a species disappears from the face of the Earth, we lose a little bit of our own souls. Yet, by partnering fully with the animals, we can learn how to live more joyously and wisely on Earth.


Join Catriona to learn more about our fascinating connection to the animals based on new science, history and experience a Spirit Animal Journey to connect with your own Spirit Animal at the West Coast Dowsing Conference. She will offer a presentation on Monday July 4, at 3:45pm. On Tuesday July 5, 9am-noon you can sign up for an extended workshop with Catriona: Discover Nature’s Secrets, Open a Portal to a Divine Realm.



Bio –

Catriona (Gaelic for Catherine) is a spiritual teacher who helps people find greater meaning in their own lives. She founded Nature Quest and leads Vision Quests, Nature Quests, Nature Tours and Spiritual Retreats. Catriona also provides ancient Celtic Birthday readings, soul coaching, and property clearing. Catriona is the award-winning author of Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth which won a Gold Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards. Previous winners include His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Go to naturequestguru.com to learn more.

Dowsing for Feng Shui and Space Clearing

by: Susan Collins

Susan Collins 2014 WCC

I remember crying the day my doctor told me I had a crippling disease. In just a few weeks my hands had become claws – my fingers wouldn’t fully open or close. I couldn’t hold a pen. My body hurt everywhere and I was having trouble walking and going to work. I had never been sick in my life before, but that day I was told that there was no cure for what I had now.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 29 and was in pain for the next twenty years. I tried every medical treatment I could think of, and eventually set out on my own healing path. I sought the Living Force – the essential Chi – present in all things and in me, and looked for ways to regenerate my healthy body. My personal journey back to health led me to the study of Dowsing and Feng Shui among other things. It took me many years, but I am now drug free and virtually symptom free and I owe it to dowsing. My life now is spent teaching other people what I learned and helping them find their own healing path.

What Is Dowsing?                                              

Dowsers can “read” the energy of people and things and strive to bring balance and harmony in all areas. People who dowse regularly tend to become not only healthier, but also more intuitive and in tune with the world around them. Dowsers transform physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies using a Dowsing Protocol and simple tools such as pendulums, L-rods and bobbers. Anyone can learn to dowse, and I have written many books that teach people how to do it. Of course it is always easiest to learn from someone in person.


What do Dowsers Do?

Dowsers find and fix Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energies that may damage health, prosperity and happiness among the people living and working in a place such as a home or business. I invented the word “Geoprosperous” many years ago to describe healthy, supportive places (from the Latin “Geo” for “Earth” plus “Prosperity” the word for abundance.) The opposite of Geoprosperous is “Geopathic” (from the Latin “Geo” for Earth and “pathic” for suffering.)

I encourage people to focus on beneficial places and energies in their lives rather than their problems. We know we get what we think about, and can create our own realities, so let us all live healthy, prosperous lives.

It is my hope that whether you are a dowser, a Feng Shui practitioner, or just someone with an interest in being healthy, happy and prosperous, that you will find this information useful.

What do I need to become a good dowser?

To get the results you want it is important to use a Dowsing Protocol every time you dowse. The Protocol will increase your accuracy and provide protection from “bad” energies. The Protocol provides psychic protection by integrating your left (logical) and right (intuitive) brain hemispheres with your body and with your personal and Universal Chi. It is a great way to develop your intuition. I teach the use of safe Dowsing Protocols in my workshops. If you would like my Dowsing Protocol, please send an email to susan@dowser.ca with “Protocol” in the subject line.

You also need dowsing tools to become a dowser.


Dowsing Tools

Dowsing tools are used both to amplify your dowsing response, and to protect you from going into resonance with non-beneficial energies. There are many different types of dowsing tools, but the main thing to remember is that there is no magic in the tools – they simply amplify your own sense of knowing. Generally, any tool can substitute for any other tool, but you will probably have a favourite one. The most common dowsing tools are: pendulums (something that swings freely); L-Rods (bent wires that you hold in your hands); Y-Rods (a forked stick or piece of plastic tubing in the shape of the letter Y); bobbers (something that bobs up and down) and body dowsing techniques (using your fingers or other part of your body to get answers to your questions.)

I always have a pendulum in my pocket, and I use it every day for simple YES and NO answers to see if the foods I’m eating are healthy or to see if there is any danger to myself or my family. Pendulums are handy because they are small and easy to carry. If you don’t happen to have a “proper” pendulum in your pocket, you can get answers with any object that swings freely such as a set of keys or a necklace.

I use L-rods when I’m checking the energies of a place. They will swing in a circle to show the presence of a vortex energy (which can be a form of Geopathic stress) or point to other energy lines of disturbance. I also use L-rods outside when I look for locations for underground water in order to drill a well. L-rods can also be used to check the chakras and life force of people and places. I carry my L-rods in my brief case because they don’t fit into my pocket.

Y-rods are quite large and I find them a bit more awkward to work with, but many people do like them. One problem with a wooden Y-rod that has been cut from a tree branch is that it tends to break after a few uses!

I use a bobber to transform energy – it has a large swing and creates a strong energy force that can be very healthy. It’s hard to describe or photograph a bobber in action because it just looks like a blur. I always carry a bobber in my brief case.

Body dowsing, such as by pulling your fingers apart, is a great way to dowse when you don’t have any tools or you’re in a situation where you don’t want people to know you’re dowsing, such as at the office. When my children were young, I used to Finger Dowse behind my back so they couldn’t see what I was doing in order to check the health of the foods they were eating.

You will probably have a favourite tool, but don’t get too attached to any tool. (I teach the use of all dowsing tools in my workshops.)

Here are the basic steps for dowsing with a pendulum:

How to Dowse with a Pendulum

Pendulums are the most commonly used dowsing tools and is the first tool I teach.

Pendulums show dowsing responses, such as YES and NO, by swinging in different directions, at different speeds.

 The basic movements are: swinging back and forth (either away from you or across your body) and swinging in circles. (Your responses may be different from another person’s.) Give it a try now!

  • Hold the string of your pendulum between your thumb and first finger, about 8 cm (3 inches) from the weight at the end.
  • While slowly swinging the pendulum back and forth, say out loud “Pendulum, show me YES”.
  • If there is no response, swing the pendulum clockwise for a few seconds and say: “Pendulum this is my YES.” Then repeat the statement “Pendulum, show me my YES.” Keep doing this until the pendulum moves on its own when you ask it to show you YES.
  • Repeat these steps for a NO response.

Practice by testing your responses with questions you already know the answers to.


Dowsing and Feng Shui

When I`m not teaching, I use dowsing to help people in their homes and businesses to balance persistent, personal issues by checking their Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energies. I began dowsing for Feng Shui issues when a practitioner told me: “We’re finding some energies, but we don’t know what they are, or what to do about them.” With dowsing, we can find out what these energies are because we interact with the Living Force (Chi) of places in a way that goes beyond the rules developed by traditional Feng Shui. It is time for Feng Shui to evolve!

(Feng Shui began in China as a way to choose the best place for the burial of ancestors in order to produce good fortune for the living. It is a way of manipulating objects to generate happiness, health and prosperity. Combining dowsing and Feng Shui can bring powerful results

Dowsing is not just about finding YES and NO answers with a pendulum or bobber. You can also DISCONNECT bad energies and MAXIMIZE good ones. Setting your INTENTION before you dowse is a key to success.


Feng Shui Remedies

The most powerful remedy for Feng Shui issues is the power of dowsing with intention. When one has clear intention then it is possible to heal a space just with thought forms, first by using a dowsing tool to disconnect bad energies and then to bring in good ones. In addition, it is always useful to “anchor” our energy work with physical objects so that the objects themselves retain the energy of the dowsing. This works best if the objects won’t be moved later.

A simple technique for beginners would be to add the appropriate colours to each room corresponding to the Bagua colours. While doing this, you could use the Dowsing Protocol to remove the bad energies there that don`t help you, and then to invite in and increase good energies so that your home, business and life are in balance.

Of course you can use traditional Feng Shui remedies, such as mirrors to reflect energy and appropriate Bagua colours and photographs to enhance the Bagua theme of each room, but I always like to use energy-based solutions such as copper pipe and wire, magnets, large, small and crushed crystals and drawn symbols.

For example, when I had new floors put in my house, I drew special geometric symbols on the subfloor before the tiles went on so that good energy would always be in the home. I have also drawn symbols in wet cement when floors are being laid, and dropped stones with symbols on them into the foundation of a home when it is being built. I often scatter crushed crystals in plants – either where they are growing outside or in the pot when they are planted. I then use the Dowsing Protocol to “ask ` the plants to assist in healing the house. If a room has stagnant chi, I might put three of four small magnets or pieces of metal wire in the corners of the rooms in places they can`t be seen and are not likely to be moved. I may also do a water ceremony to the eight directions to ask for the cooperation of the neighbourhood energies to bring balance and harmony.

Feng Shui Dowse your Home

What room should I begin in?

Which part of the room?

Where is the source of the issue?

What is the problem?

What is the remedy?

Where should the remedy go?

Which direction should it face?

How many remedies are needed?

In what order should they be installed?

Which area should I go to next?


What is an Energy Guide and how do I find one?

Whether you call them “Energy Guides”, “Angels”, “Beings of Light”, “Ascended Masters” or “Universal Chi”, I believe there are non-visible beings co-existing in our own and other dimensions who will help us. This is not the level of the “Higher Self” or the “Soul”. These are conscious beings outside of us who exist in a different energy system than the one we normally live in. This is difficult to explain if you’ve never experienced it, but many people do learn to recognize their “helpers”.

Some of these beings are connected to God (or however you refer to the Divine Source or Universal Chi) and are interested in supporting us for the best and highest good of all creation. Other beings are not in resonance with God and are interested in feeding off our energy in a parasitic fashion. It seems that as we progress on our spiritual path, “bad” energies may come to check us out. While this may be a disturbing prospect, you can think of them as gate keepers who test our courage and resolve to move forward. Or they may simply be beings that need help to move on to where they are supposed to be (in English we sometimes call this “Ghostbusting”). In my workshops, I teach people how to tell the difference between “good” and “bad” energies and what to do when they encounter bad ones.

To meet your Guides/Angels, use dowsing to ask to be connected with beings who are in resonance with God and who are aligned to your purpose. Over time you’ll get to know who your Guides are and how they interact with you in a dowsing session.

NEVER CONNECT DIRECTLY WITH BEINGS OTHER THAN YOUR GUIDES. Your Guide is like your appointment manager and will protect you. When in doubt, use the Dowsing Protocol to bring yourself into a place of safety.


Dowsing is something that anyone can learn, and the more you practice, the better you will get at it. I look forward to meeting you in Japan some day!


Susan Collins is an internationally acclaimed dowsing teacher, speaker and workshop leader. She uses traditional dowsing tools as well as the power of heart and thought to detect and transform non-beneficial Earth, Environmental, Psychic and Other energy patterns. She has presented at many international and regional conferences across North America, the UK, Italy and in the Middle East. Susan has a dynamic, global consulting practice and is the author of a successful series of books and DVDs on dowsing techniques. She is a Past President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers (2003- 2006) and was named Dowser of the Year in 2006. She is an ordained Metaphysical Minister. More details at www.dowser.ca. Contact: susan@dowser.ca


Spirit of the Labyrinth

Since 1989 at the West Coast Conference of the American Society of Dowsers, I have been putting up new labyrinth designs for the attendees to experience.  It’s always a new design so I can answer the inevitable question, “What should I expect when I walk your design,” with “I don’t know, it’s a new design and it’s never been walked before.”


The conference is over the 4th of July weekend (http://www.dowserswestcoast.org/), and by last Wednesday I haven’t thought of anything for this year and I was starting to worry.  I have been retired from making labyrinths for 10 years, so my mind is not on the field.  Thursday I was doing some energy work with my friend Pat Dornik;  the last figures we looked at that day was page 35 in Steve and Karen Alexander’s Crop Circle book for 2015 (http://temporarytemples.co.uk/  They put out a yearly crop circle book of the photos that Steve takes, 40 something pages, beautiful stuff).  Click photo to see a larger view.


The top design is obviously more interesting, yet I found my self focused on the bottom design.  Not the design itself, but what had happened to the crops in the inner square.  I was especially fascinated by the circular design in the center, and the little dots there.  I also noticed an outline for a tic.tac-toe board, and the small squares near the left and bottom sides. I also noticed some swirls but didn’t pay them much attention.  Then I read the description by Karen Alexander and read that there was an eight-pointed star in it with swirls in each of the point.  Harder to see, but present and the tic-tac-toe board was part of the star.  I eventually found that the 8 pointed star could be drawn with a single line.  That didn’t have any significance for me until the middle of the night when I was doing my Jin Shin Jyutsu practice (The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister).  I suddenly realized that anything made with a single line can be made into a labyrinth.


Background, the two most famous labyrinths, the Cretan (now commonly called the Classical) and Chartres are straight line labyrinths which means that if one grab the path at the entrance and the center and pulled on each end, one eventually ends up with a straight line.  For both of these labyrinths, one walks from one end (entrance) of the line to the other (center) and then turns around and walks back to the other end (entrance).

Image#2 cretanLabyrinth

Cretan Labyrinth

Image#3.Chartres (1).png

Chartres Labyrinth


So I made the 8 pointed star design that one can walk.

 Image#4 8ptstar.png

8 Pointed Star

To walk the design as a labyrinth, one enters at the bottom and goes either left or right.  When one comes to an intersection, one always goes straight.  Eventually one will understand the nature of the design and the alternative paths at intersection become largely ignored.


This is also a circular labyrinth.  In a circular labyrinth, one end of a straight line is connected to the other end, which when expanded produces a circle.  Circular labyrinths have no center and can naturally be walked continuously.  Here are a few examples of circular designs.

Image#5 circ.png

Circular Design


Circular Viking Labyrinth


Circular Design


For the 2014 WCC, I drew the design in chalk based on the crop circle below, so I am happy to find a crop circle that can be made into a labyrinth.  I also found this design while working with Pat Dornik.


Crop Circle Photo

Image#9 2014

2014 Labyrinth Based on Crop Circle


2014 Labyrinth Closer View


Back to the 8 pointed design, one can see at the entrance how one can go either left (CW) or right (CCW), and that after completing the walk through the 8 pointed star, one has the choice to leave or walk it again (go around the circle again).

Image#4 8ptstar

2016 Labyrinth: Choices


I will be making this at this years WCC, on July 1st at 10AM on the plaza of the College 8 Campus at the University of California at Santa Cruz.  If you talk to me before hand, you do not have to come to the conference to help with the layout.      But, why not come to the conference?  it’s the best conference I’ve ever attended by far.  Joan and I started going in 1987 and I haven’t missed a single year.


Layouts of labyrinths are special, as one is in the energy that comes in as it is being made, and then one gets the fun of walking a design that’s never been walked before.






Alex B Champion

Earthworks and Labyrinths

(707) 546-1635




All is Energy



An amazing discovery occurred at the beginning of February 2016, Einstein’s theory of relativity E= MC2 is no longer considered to be theory, but has now been proven to be true. This occurred when a cosmic event provided the information or the happening that confirmed the validity of the equation. Simply put; everything is energy, what appears to be form to the naked eye is not an object or form but an energy field, it is not ‘matter’ separate and apart from energy. It is the energy field that produces the material form.


That being said, how does this affect us, how does this truth make our lives different or easier to comprehend? Let us look at what we call form, matter or material substance, a hard copy in other words, a visible appearance of something. Matter appears to be fixed, stuck, immutable and difficult to change. Energy on the other hand is constantly in motion, is always active and energy never stops, nor is it destroyed; it merely transforms. So when we are looking at something, an object or a body, and would like the appearance of the body or the object to change and show up differently in appearance, changing it seems to be such a massive job involving a great deal of work, time, or effort. The appearance of form, matter or the body is imprinted in our subconscious mind as something that is solid and hard, so we think the problem that we are looking at will not change easily if at all.


Knowing that the appearance is a bundle of energy rather than a fixed object makes it easier to see that it can be changed with ease. This is important when you are looking at an illness, a deformity, or a state of failure or loss. Recognizing that the state is energy in motion and is not fixed or stuck, we can instantly seek to take charge, to direct the motion and change the course, instead of resigning ourselves to the fixed state. The truth of the equation that everything is energy makes life easier to comprehend, as it is easier to align with the energy in motion instead of being stuck with a hard immovable object.


When we see things as fixed we tend to make judgments of good/bad/right/wrong and then proceed to act out according to the judgment. When we see things as energy moving we tend to be curious as to how it is going to unfold, we are in the mode of wonderment instead of determining or controlling. A moveable object is so much easier to work with than an immovable object. The state of withholding judgment or opinion automatically puts us in the frequency of non-resistance, which in turn brings us to acceptance, an energy frequency that vibrates at 70-79 on the scale of 0 – 100.


Being in acceptance with the energy that is moving and active is of such a great benefit as we no longer are at war or in judgment with what is going on in life, we become an observer a witness rather than a controller. We become at one with the experience rather than at odds with it and this way we can be taught or guided toward our purpose through the experience. The experience is the road on the journey to finding purpose, and purpose is found in the energy we are conscious of, align with, use or choose as we move through the experience.


The immovable object tends to bring us into the linear mind and cuts us off from the whole picture. The linear mind sees things in bits and pieces separate and apart from each other. Seeing things as energy in motion tends to bring us instantly to the conscious awareness of the whole composition that is before us, rather than the single linear pieces of information.   Seeing the whole picture broadens us to vision rather than simply seeing what is going on.


An example might be when we experience the loss of someone we love. When we see the person as an appearance or body only, when they die, we see the absence of the body as the actual loss of the loved one; we see them as gone, as not being with us any more, as being out of our lives completely and forever. When we see each other as energy fields, we know that energy cannot be lost or destroyed; it can only be changed or transformed. Consciousness and energy are interchangeable, so all we have to do is to be conscious of the person in question and we are instantly in the essence or energy of the person through our consciousness. We can commune with them through consciousness; the hard copy is not necessary for this close communication experience. We can have a conversation, we can experience signs of contact and we can feel the love that we never lost when they left the material vehicle or body. Consciousness is all that is necessary to experience the relationship in the present moment.


With the knowledge “all is energy,” especially matter or material objects, this information will have incredible implications in the future. Energy medicine as an example will become the primary medicine available and free energy will be used for powering our vehicles and appliances. Chemistry will take a back seat to energy; we will be looking at the energy in medicine and foods, not the chemical components. The material will become secondary to the energy behind the material form. Let us look at GMO foods as another example. The corn is modified with insecticide to kill off insects that can infect the corn. So now included in the nourishing energy that is within the corn is also the energy of killing. Instead of eating foods that are supposed to sustain life, we are now eating foods that are infused with the energy of killing a different expression of life. Materially it appears to make sense, we are modifying the corn to stop or kill the insect that hurts the corn, but energetically does it make sense? We are changing the corn and modifying it to kill an insect or a micro life-force. We also know that the intestines where the corn will eventually end up, is full of healthy microorganisms, what is going to happen to those organisms? These are questions that only get asked when we know that energy is the primary component of life, of everything, and not the material. There is no denying it anymore. Everything is energy in motion.


Copyright: Angela Burr-Madsen